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Programme performance in times of HIV/AIDS : implications for capacity building

Document type: report
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Abstract: In many countries in sub-Saharan Africa HIV/AIDS affects a major part of the adult population. Civil society organisations (CSOs) are affected through their staff and volunteers, beneficiary group and external relations. HIV/AIDS therefore has considerable implications for CSOs. Capacity building is a potentially promising approach to strengthening CSOs. But what happens when HIV/AIDS becomes a part of the reality of these organisations? PSO, the Dutch Association for Capacity Building in Developing Countries suggested to further explore the relation between HIV/AIDS and capacity building. CSOs plan and organise their work in projects and programmes. The focus in this study is on the implications of HIV/AIDS for building capacity in these projects and programmes. This study combines theory and the practice of PSO member organisations (northern CSOs) and their partners (southern CSOs) to explore these implications. It is an attempt to link the work of practitioners to that of researchers, and to contribute to both. This study seeks to answer the central question: What role can capacity building play in coping with the impact of HIV/AIDS on programme performance and what are the capacity building practices of PSO members and their southern partners?
Authors: Voorde, M. van der
Category: Research
Keywords: HIV and AIDS , mainstreaming , capacity building , health services
Language: eng
Organization: PSO - Capacity Building in Developing Countries
Organization: Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
PAGE: [40]
Place: [The Hague etc.]
Publisher: PSO [etc.]
Year: 2006
Right: © 2006 PSO
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Title: Programme performance in times of HIV/AIDS : implications for capacity building