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(Un)sustainable trade in the Amazon : exploring Dutch foreign relations with Brazil

Document type: report
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Abstract: As Brazil's foreign trade expands, the country is investing in economic infrastructure to facilitate further economic growth. At the same time, such infrastructure facilitates the further penetration of sensitive ecological areas in a country which already has the world's highest rate of deforestation. The Netherlands is a major importer of Brazilian produce and an important distribution centre for Brazilian products. This raises the question what the Netherlands can do on the demand side to arrest deforestation and biodiversity loss and work towards more sustainable forms of trade. This policy note explores the emerging trade relations between the two countries, focusing on the environmental impact of these relations, with the intention of raising key issues for debate and putting forward some proposals for action.
Authors: Schmitz, T.
Series Title: Both ENDS Policy Note
Country: Brazil , Netherlands
Category: Policy
Keywords: agriculture , environmental degradation , forestry , natural resources , trade , sustainable development , economic development
Language: eng
Organization: Both ENDS
Place: [Amsterdam]
Publisher: Both ENDS
Year: 2009
Region: South America , Western Europe
Right: © 2009 Both ENDS
Subject: Environment and Natural Resources
Title: (Un)sustainable trade in the Amazon : exploring Dutch foreign relations with Brazil