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Soul of the forest : honey value chain development in Zambia

Document type: report
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Abstract: Although Zambia's North Western Province accounts for 95% of the country’s honey production, producers have been faced with declining incomes, weakening market linkages, and little or no say in prevailing pricing structures. SNV identified an opportunity to systematically support the revitalisation of the honey industry in Zambia’s North Western province through developing the capacity of key players along the bee products value chain. Honey producers were identified as the entry point for SNV’s support. This report discusses SNV’s intervention.
Authors: Simukoko, M.
Series Title: Case studies
Country: Zambia
Category: Practice
Keywords: agriculture , markets , capacity building
Language: eng
Organization: SNV - Netherlands Development Organisation
Place: [The Hague]
Publisher: SNV
Year: 2008
Region: East Africa
Right: © 2008 SNV
Subject: Agriculture and Rural Development
Title: Soul of the forest : honey value chain development in Zambia