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Cluster weapons : necessity or convenience?

Document type: report
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Abstract: Cluster weapons are disputed for their grave humanitarian consequences ever since its large-scale use during the Vietnam War. Despite the severe humanitarian concerns, currently more than 50 states posses cluster weapons. By assessing the perspectives of 45 governments on the military utility of these weapons as well as their views on alternative weapons, this report irrefutably states the case for a much needed international regime on the use of cluster weapons.
Authors: Weidacher, R. , Wezeman, S. , Hollestelle, M.
Category: Research
Keywords: armed forces , conflict , human security
Language: eng
Organization: IKV Pax Christi
PAGE: 57
Place: Utrecht
Publisher: Pax Christi Netherlands
Year: 2006
Right: © 2006 Pax Christi Netherlands
Subject: Culture, Society and Religion
Title: Cluster weapons : necessity or convenience?