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The idea of secularism and the supreme court of India

Document type: report
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Abstract: In this paper the author proposes to present a perspective on the role of the Supreme Court of India in upholding the ideal of secularism while balancing the interests of a deeply plural society like India. The author will try to cover, very broadly, three areas; one concerning community based rights or minority rights and how in recent years the Court has tended to give priority to individual rights and freedom over community based rights; two how the Court has perceived secularism and how in some of its later decisions it has tended to take a mono-culturist rather than a pluralist view of secularism and third, how the Court has tried to regulate the State’s intervention in religious affairs and in the process has itself assumed a highly interventionist role.
Authors: Alam, A.
Series Title: Pluralism Working Paper
Country: India
Category: Research
Editor: Suransky, C. , Klooster, H. van 't , Seela, U.
Serial number: 5
ISSN: 1879-7172
Keywords: religion , law , minorities , communities
Language: eng
Organization: Hivos – Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation
Organization: University for Humanistics. Kosmopolis Institute , Gadjah Mada Graduate School. Center for Religious & Cross-Cultural Studies , Centre for the Study of Culture and Society , Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda
PAGE: 25
Place: The Hague [etc.]
Publisher: Hivos [etc.]
Year: 2010
Region: South Asia
Right: © 2010 Hivos [etc.]
Subject: Culture, Society and Religion
Title: The idea of secularism and the supreme court of India