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The right to a sustainable rural livelihood : strategies, lessons learned and actions (2008-2010)

Document type: report
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Abstract: Oxfam Novib has a long history of rural development programming. Agriculture has been an important focus of this approach. Some 2.5 billion people in developing countries depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. Both history and evidence attest to the importance of agriculture for overall growth and poverty reduction. This position paper provides an overview of Oxfam Novib’s upcoming work on the right to a sustainable livelihood. Chapter 1 presents evidence of the poverty-reducing effects of agriculture relative to other sectors. Chapter 2 reviews the major changes that have influenced the current state of the agriculture and food supply system and touches on those likely to come. Chapter 3 presents several typologies and concepts that can be used to assist Oxfam Novib staff in conducting regional and national-level analyses. Chapter 4 outlines three strategies areas in Oxfam Novib’s livelihoods work: building and protecting assets; encouraging governments and the private sector to act responsibly; and creating opportunities for poor people. Finally, chapter 5 outlines the actions that Oxfam Novib will undertake to translate this policy into action.
Authors: Castillo, G.E.
Category: Policy
Keywords: agriculture , climate change , environmental degradation , gender , government , markets , poverty , private sector , sustainable development , trade
Language: eng
Organization: Oxfam Novib
PAGE: 44
Place: The Hague
Publisher: Oxfam Novib
Year: 2008
Right: © 2008 Oxfam Novib
Subject: Agriculture and Rural Development
Title: The right to a sustainable rural livelihood : strategies, lessons learned and actions (2008-2010)