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Civil society's role in development

Document type: policy_doc
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Abstract: This is a statement on the role of civil society, in response to the Report on International Cooperation “Less Pretension, More Ambition” by the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR). In the WRR report there is little attention for the role of civil society in development. Also, in its paragraphs on civil society, the report focuses on the organisational and financial set-up of Dutch civil society. The report lacks a reflection on the fundamental role that civil society plays, in each and every society, in the processes of social and societal development. With this statement, the Round Table of Worldconnectors (RTW) wants to draw attention to the crucial and autonomous role of civil society in development processes and in shaping a just and sustainable world – a role that is under increasing pressure.
Authors: Grotenhuis, R. , Borren, S.
Country: Netherlands
Category: Policy
Keywords: civil society , development policy , international cooperation
Language: eng
Organization: Worldconnectors
Place: [Amsterdam]
Publisher: Worldconnectors
Year: 2010
Region: Europe
Right: © 2010 Worldconnectors
Subject: Development Cooperation General
Title: Civil society's role in development