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Demand-driven project identification : mobilizing demand by weak agencies

Document type: report
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Abstract: The risks of externally driven projects are increasingly recognized, and some approaches attempt to address these. The need is to find ways to directly assist public sector agencies in these states, responding to their needs and perceptions, without dominating them and while adding to their confidence, strengths and sense of direction. An approach was developed to build capacity right from the start and to put project design responsibilities with the agencies. All State agencies were directly invited to identify and prioritize their problems – and to propose solutions. This took the shape of the Responsive Window: a step-by-step process to identify, select, elaborate, contract and execute modest projects, entirely managed by State agencies. This approach and lessons learned are discussed in this innovation brief.
Authors: Graaf, M. de
Series Title: Innovation Brief on International Development Services
Country: Sudan
Category: Practice
Serial number: 12
Keywords: capacity building , public sector
Language: eng
Organization: Euroconsult/BMB Mott MacDonald
Place: Arnhem
Publisher: Euroconsult/BMB Mott MacDonald
Year: 2011
Region: North Africa
Right: © 2011 Euroconsult/BMB Mott MacDonald
Subject: Development Cooperation General
Title: Demand-driven project identification : mobilizing demand by weak agencies