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No time to waste : sustainable environmental management in a changing southern Sudan

Document type: book
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Abstract: This document serves as an overview of Southern Sudan’s current environmental conditions. The book highlights a number of environmental subjects: waste management and pollution; deforestation and unsustainable forest use; climate change, drought, desertification and flooding; the relationship between natural resources, environment and conflict; and finally, ways to move forward in the field of environmental management. The publication offers a work plan and recommendations made by the Specialised Standing Committees of the Southern Sudanese Legislative Assembly (SSLA) in conjunction with AWEPA. These recommendations discuss the how-to’s of developing and implementing environmental policy, a framework for environmental law, and rules and regulations to support them.
Note: Photos: P. Boersma, M. van Dorp
Authors: Dorp, M. van , Balch, J. , Darious Lado, E. , Lado Demetry, P. , Woja, I.
Country: Sudan
Category: General
Editor: Dorp, M. van , Balch, J.
ISBN: 978-90-78147-11-4
Keywords: conflict , environment , natural resources , sustainable development
Language: eng
Organization: AWEPA - Association of European Parliamentarians with Africa
PAGE: [27]
Place: Amsterdam
Publisher: AWEPA
Year: 2010
Region: North Africa
Right: © 2010 AWEPA
Subject: Environment and Natural Resources
Title: No time to waste : sustainable environmental management in a changing southern Sudan