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Evaluation policy 2007-2010

Document type: policy_doc
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Abstract: As from the strategic plan 2002-2006, Woord en Daad has included the need for evaluations in all its plans. Reasons mentioned were the need for transparency and for instruments to gain insight in efficiency, effectivity and longer term impacts of projects. Woord en Daad has further developed as a professional organization that wants work with an increasing quality level. Based on this focus on quality, it is a logical step to formulate and implement a systematic and coherent evaluation policy. This document explains the definitions, models, objectives and principles that form the basis for this evaluation policy (2007-2010).
Authors: Rijneveld, W.
Category: Policy
Keywords: evaluation , quality management
Language: eng
Organization: Woord en Daad
PAGE: 10
Place: [Gorinchem]
Publisher: Woord en Daad
Year: 2011
Right: © 2011 Woord en Daad
Subject: Development Cooperation General
Title: Evaluation policy 2007-2010