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From tropical root to responsible food : enhancing sustainability in the spice trade

Document type: book
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Abstract: In working to become sustainable, the spice industry faces a number of unique opportunities, but also significant challenges. These include the complexity of sourcing, the length of supply chains, the diversity of participants in each chain, both culturally and economically, and the penetration of the spice chain into virtually every branch of the food system. From tropical root to responsible food: enhancing sustainable spice chains presents a number of real-life cases that demonstrate the willingness and the need of the spice sector to move towards sustainability, while highlighting possible solutions to sustainability challenges. Written for professionals in the spice industry and for everyone interested in sustainability, this book provides an overview of lessons learned so far in the spice sector and ‘next steps’ towards achieving sustainability. In looking for solutions, the book highlights issues that still need to be addressed, from defining sustainability to bringing it into practice, and from planting perennial trees to building lasting relationships based on trust.
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Country: India , Indonesia , Mozambique , Uganda , Viet Nam
Category: Practice
Editor: Boomsma, M. , Mangnus, E.
ISBN: 978-94-6022-148-4
Keywords: food , sustainable development , trade
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
PAGE: 88
Place: Amsterdam
Publisher: KIT publishers
Year: 2011
Region: East Africa , South Asia , Southeast Asia
Right: © 2011 KIT publishers
Subject: Economic Development and Trade
Title: From tropical root to responsible food : enhancing sustainability in the spice trade