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Chocolate forever : Dutch knowledge on sustainable cocoa

Document type: book
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Abstract: This book explores the knowledge needed for achieving a sustainable cocoa chain and the gatekeepers of this knowledge. It tells the story mainly from a Dutch perspective, focusing on the knowledge needs of actors involved in cocoa in the Netherlands, and their knowledge partners. This effort to map the knowledge demand and available expertise in the Netherlands is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. It contributes to implementation of the ChocoWorkGroup’s Sustainable Cocoa Actionplan that seeks to achieve sustainable cocoa consumption in the Netherlands within fifteen years and to contribute to the global sustainable economy.
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Authors: Laven, A. , Pelders, P.
Country: Netherlands
Category: Research
Editor: Stalevski, N.
ISBN: 978-94-6022-103-3
Keywords: agriculture , knowledge management , sustainable development , trade
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
PAGE: 144
Place: Amsterdam
Publisher: KIT publishers
Year: 2010
Region: Western Europe
Right: © 2010 KIT publishers
Subject: Economic Development and Trade
Title: Chocolate forever : Dutch knowledge on sustainable cocoa