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Moderniteit en Islam

Document type: article
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Abstract: This article discusses modernity in relation to the Islam. Many Islamic countries have to deal with poverty and internal conflicts. Looking at these countries, one might say that Islam is an obstruction to modernity, development and democracy. 'Islam and modernity' could be seen as a 'contradictio in terminus'. However, this conclusion is too blunt. The reality of the relation between Islam and modernity is much more complex than this. Knowledge of this complex relation is essential, especially for people that are involved in the development of Islamic countries and Human Rights.
Authors: Renkema, D.
Category: General
Keywords: development policy , religion
Language: nld
Organization: Knowledge Centre Religion and Development
PAGE: [4]
Year: 2007
Right: © 2007 Kenniscentrum Religie & Ontwikkeling
Subject: Culture, Society and Religion
Title: Moderniteit en Islam