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A community dilemma : DDR and the changing face of violence in Colombia

Document type: report
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Abstract: This paper aims to understand the role that Colombia’s DDR (Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration) programmes have played over the past decade in dismantling armed groups and reintegrating their members into society, as well as their impact on the restauration of peace and security for communities and citizens. It explores the long history of Colombian violence, and places the initiation of the demobilization for former guerilla members and for 30,000 former paramilitary combatants against the background of the country’s changing political and security landscape.
Authors: Derks, M. , Rouw, H. , Briscoe, I.
Country: Colombia
Category: Research
Keywords: armed forces , conflict , peacebuilding , civil society , communities
Language: eng
Organization: IKV Pax Christi
Organization: Netherlands Institute for International Relations 'Clingendael'. Conflict Research Unit
PAGE: 65
Place: [The Hague]
Publisher: PSDN - Peace, Security and Development Network
Year: 2011
Region: South America
Right: © 2011 PSDN
Subject: Social and Political Change
Title: A community dilemma : DDR and the changing face of violence in Colombia