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International markets program ICCO : evaluation 2005-2009

Document type: report
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Abstract: This study is an evaluation of the International Markets (IM) sub-program of ICCO, covering the period of 2005 to mid 2009. The program evaluation was carried out in the period of December 2009 to April 2010 by Lucas Simons (NewForesight), Jan Joost Kessler and Joost van Montfort (Aidenvironment). IM is one of ICCO’s sub-programs under the program Sustainable and Fair Economic Development (SFED) and focuses at three value chains: cotton, tropical fruits and forestry in order to contribute to ICCO’s main objective at policy level, being Direct Poverty Reduction, within the context of the recognition and implementation of the international Human Rights.
Authors: Simons, L. , Montfort, J. van
Category: Policy
Keywords: agriculture , economic development , evaluation , forestry , human rights , sustainable development
Language: eng
Organization: ICCO - Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation
Organization: Aidenvironment , NewForesight
PAGE: 96
Place: [Amsterdam]
Publisher: Aidenvironment [etc.]
Year: 2010
Right: © 2010 Aidenvironment, NewForesight & ICCO
Subject: Development Cooperation General
Title: International markets program ICCO : evaluation 2005-2009