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Innovative certification systems creating space for local communities

Document type: brochure
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Note: Consumers increasingly want to know the origins of the produce they buy and that they were produced under acceptable environmental, social and labour conditions. Sustainability standards set minimum standards for production, processing and trade for producers and processors. The producers or processors follow these standards and their compliance is verified by peers or by third parties. Certification gives sustainable farming a distinct identity and credibility and improves market access. It also increases farmers’ confidence and consumers’ trust in the production system and the products. This brochure discusses certification, gives examples and explaines what Both Ends has to offer on this subject.
Authors: Hendriks, M.
Category: General
Keywords: agriculture , forestry , sustainable development
Language: eng
Organization: Both ENDS
PAGE: [2]
Place: [Amsterdam]
Publisher: Both ENDS
Year: [2011]
Right: © 2011 Both ENDS
Subject: Agriculture and Rural Development
Title: Innovative certification systems creating space for local communities