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Seeking strength from within : the quest for a methodology of endogenous development

Document type: book
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Abstract: Few books have been written on participatory approaches that integrate local knowledge into development interventions (endogenous development), and which present the experiences of organisations in so many different countries and under such differing circumstances. The purpose of this book is to make available to a wider audience, descriptions of how individuals and organisations go about their work of supporting endogenous development. The experiences recorded, from Sri Lanka, Ghana, Bolivia, India, Peru and Ethiopia, are the result of ten years or more of working in the area, gradually building understanding of the processes involved. The book presents the critical reflections and learning culled from the different experiences and, as such, represents a step towards disseminating the approaches that have been developed in the last ten years in the work of the COMPAS endogenous development programme.
Country: Bolivia , Ethiopia , Ghana , India , Peru , Sri Lanka
Category: Practice
Editor: Lammerink, M.P. , Otterloo-Butler, S. van
Keywords: communities , indigenous knowledge , sustainable development
Language: eng
Organization: ETC Foundation
PAGE: 116
Place: Leusden
Publisher: COMPAS
Year: 2010
Region: Africa , South America , South Asia
Right: © 2010 COMPAS
Subject: Development Cooperation General
Title: Seeking strength from within : the quest for a methodology of endogenous development