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Sustainable management of tropical rainforests : the CELOS management system

Document type: book
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Abstract: This book, with contributions from 25 authors, tells in brief the history of forestry in Suriname and some other tropical countries. It reveals how the work on forestry in Suriname led to the development of a potentially sustainable forest management system, integrating a harvesting and a silvicultural system. And it documents the long-term effects of applying this system as apparent from a great deal of research in experimental forest stands of CELOS in Suriname. This information holds the evidence to determine the potential of the CELOS Management System to serve as a model for other systems of sustainable management of tropical forests in Suriname and beyond, particularly in other Latin American countries in the region with similar forests.
Series Title: Tropenbos Series
Country: Brazil , Bolivia , Cameroon , Costa Rica , Ghana , Guyana , Suriname
Category: General
Editor: Werger, M.J.A.
ISBN: 978-90-5113-101-7
Serial number: 25
ISSN: 1383-6811
Keywords: forestry , sustainable development
Language: eng
Organization: Tropenbos International
PAGE: x, 282
Place: Paramaribo
Publisher: Tropenbos International
Year: 2011
Region: Africa , Latin America , South America
Right: © 2011 Tropenbos International
Subject: Environment and Natural Resources
Title: Sustainable management of tropical rainforests : the CELOS management system