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PI-DOC 1 : project cycle

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Abstract: With each project, possibly without actually being aware of it, organisations pass through a number of similar steps. We call this the life cycle of a project or project cycle. Each phase has specific characteristics and activities to be undertaken. The life cycle of a project has six phases. This paper presents some ideas and suggestions of what to do in each phase of the project. These ideas and suggestions are meant to assist the stakeholders in the project. How to use them is up to each and every party involved to decide.
Corporate author(s): MDF
Category: Policy
Keywords: management , policy
Language: eng
Organization: Wilde Ganzen - ontwikkelingssamenwerking
Place: Hilversum
Publisher: Wilde Ganzen
Year: [2003]
Right: © 2003 Wilde Ganzen
Subject: Development Cooperation General
Title: PI-DOC 1 : project cycle