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PI-DOC 5 : capacity of an organization

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Abstract: When two organizations decide to embark in a development project,one with the main role of fundraising (the Dutch Private Initiative) and the other in de role of Project Owner, it is very important getting to know each other well. And especially to determine whether each partner has sufficient capacities to play his role, or if some capacities need further strengthening. For a good project, you need to be able to count on each other. To analyze the capacity and the functioning of your organizations there is a handy tool: the so-called spider web. The spider web is a practical method to investigate several elements of the capacity of an organization. The present situation of an organization can be compared with the desired situation needed for a successful project.
Corporate author(s): MDF
Category: Policy
Keywords: international cooperation , management , partnership
Language: eng
Organization: Wilde Ganzen - ontwikkelingssamenwerking
Place: Hilversum
Publisher: Wilde Ganzen
Year: [2003]
Right: © 2003 Wilde Ganzen
Subject: Development Cooperation General
Title: PI-DOC 5 : capacity of an organization