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Monitoring private sector impacts on rural food and nutrition security

Document type: policy_doc
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Abstract: Based on the belief that economic growth will contribute to improving food and nutrition security, governments are using public funds for private sector development. However, there is as yet little evidence that this contributes to greater food security at household level. Instead of assuming that private sector development will reduce malnutrition, public funders should require that impact pathways be part of any proposals requiring public funds, that interventions be systematically evaluated and that impact be measured at target group level. This policy brief looks at the rationale behind public investment in private sector development and provides a framework with pathways for measuring the impact of private sector interventions, and specifically for monitoring and evaluating these impacts.
Authors: Steenhuijsen Piters, B de , Bodnár, F.
Series Title: Policy Brief : Food Security
Category: Policy
Serial number: 3
Keywords: food , health , private sector
Language: eng
Organization: KIT - Royal Tropical Institute
Place: Amsterdam
Publisher: Royal Tropical Institute
Year: 2013
Right: © 2013 Royal Tropical Institute
Subject: Health and Nutrition
Title: Monitoring private sector impacts on rural food and nutrition security