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Epidemiology Special Diseases Public Health
Basic Concepts and Principles

Basic Methods

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Clinical Epidemiology

Environmental Health

Family, Children and Women's Health


Molecular Epidemiology

Occupational Health, Military health

Cardiovascular Disease



Human-Animal Interaction

Infectious Disease





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Basic Concepts and Principles   Back to the top

A Primer in Surveys revised

Introduction to Focus Group  in Chinese

EPIDEMIOLOGÍA NUTRICIONAL (I): Concepto Tipos de estudios in Spanish Data Quality Control   in Chinese  in Spanish
Variables in Spanish Principles of Research Synthesis Part I.  Part II.
INVESTIGACION EN ATENCION PRIMARIA DE SALUD (In Spanish). Part I    Part II  Randomised controlled trials in primary care: case study
Study Designs in Epidemiologic Research  in Spanish Screening and its Useful Tools
Concepts in Public Health: A Case Study of Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM) Evaluation and evaluative research in healthcare: analysis of an example
La técnica de los grupos focales (In Spanish)   
Assessing Disease Frequency Measures of Association  in Spanish

Epidemiologic Transition: Russian examples

Attributable Fraction: Fundamental Differences in Interpretations of Probability of Causation  in Chinese  in Spanish
Normal Distribution Sampling Distribution
Basic Concepts Related to Research in Turkish The seven sins and 10 commandments of epidemiology
What is Epidemiology? Epidemiologic Transition: Changes of fertility and mortality with modernization (3)
Introduction to the Fundamentals of Epidemiology Web of Causation; Exposure and Disease Outcomes
Epidemiology Course by Nigel Paneth (22 lectures in English, Spanish Version translated by Nicolas Padilla and lectures in Portuguese, translated by Maria Rita Barros Justino)   Principles of Epidemiology Course by  Dona Schneider (16 lectures in English and full Spanish version translated by Nicolas Padilla)
A Brief Introduction to Epidemiology Course by Betty Jung (lectures in English and Spanish) Principles of Epidemiology Course by  Kevin Kip (27 lectures in English)

Concepts of Epidemiology Course by Raj Bhohal (10 lectures in English and 1 in Spanish)

DESCRIPTIVE EPIDEMIOLOGY for Public Health Professionals Course by Ian Rockett (4 lectures in English)

Basic Methods   Back to the top

Capture-recapture techniques for determining incidence and prevalence of diabetes

Epidemiologic Design I (focus on descriptive study )    II (focus on analytic study)

Advanced Quantitative Methods. Part I   Part II   Part III  Part IV Absolute, Relative and Attributable Risks. Part I   Part II

Analysis, Reporting, and Feedback of Surveillance Data part I   part II

Sampling Frames and Study Types: Studies on life events in Spanish

Different Kinds of Epidemiologic Studies

Case Crossover Design

Screening and Disease Prevention


Migrant Studies  in Chinese   in Spanish

How to Conduct a Meta-Analysis

Questionnaire Design: An Introduction in Spanish

Introduction to Needs Assessments

Study Designs in Epidemiology   in Spanish Introduction to Program Evaluation

Designing longitudinal studies in epidemiology

Design and Analysis of Cluster Randomization Trials in Health Research 

Epidemiology: An Overview Computer Utilization for Diabetes Epidemiology
Screening  in Chinese   Epidemiology Key Terms and Measures
Research Design. Mixed Methods Epidemiology Applications
Descriptive Epidemiology Part I   Part II La Prueba de Una Prueba. Como Evaluar Una Prueba Tamiz in Spanish
Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA)     Analysis, Interpretation and Using of Population Survey Results (In Russian)
Study Management. Part I  Part II  Part I  Part II in Spanish Confounding  in Spanish        DESCRIPTIVE STUDIES
Validation of predictive regression models Epidemiologic study designs 
COMO HACER LA PRESENTACION ORAL DE UN TRABAJO A source of Error in Self-Reports of Pap Test Utilization 
Epidemiologic design from a sampling perspective A Primer on Sample Survey  in Chinese
USES OF DEMOGRAPHY  Surveillance   in Chinese
Dose-Response Relation between Physical Activity and Health: An Observational Epidemiologic Perspective Critical Appraisal. Or Making Reading More Worthwhile  in Spanish
PROBLEM-BASED LEARNING Introduction to Survival Analysis. Part I  Part II
Sample size (In Russian) DISEASE EPIDEMIOLOGY
Kaplan-Meier methods and Parametric Regression methods. Part I   Part II Introduction to Modeling Continuous Longitudinal Data and Repeated Measures ANOVA. Part I   Part II
Introduction to Cox Regression. Part I   Part II Cox Regression II
Review of one-way ANOVA GEE and Mixed Models for longitudinal data. Part I  Part II
Modeling change Counting Whales - Counting a Disease
Basic Probability Concepts Disaster epidemiology
CASE CONTROL STUDIES Overview of Research Methods in Dentistry. Part I   Part II    Part III
American Epidemiologic Society (AES) Members' Lectures  

Common Topics   Back to the top
The Five Main Rubrics of Epidemiology, As Applied to Drug Dependence Syndromes  
The Effectiveness of Mass Media Campaigns: Youth Substance Abuse UNICEF IN INDIA. NEW CHALLENGES AND CHANGING ROLE. Part I  Part II 
The Research Design for Social Experiment (In Chinese) UNICEF COOPERATION IN INDIA
DYNAMICS OF DISEASE AND DISEASE TRANSMISSION How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper   in Spanish

Epidemiological Transition revised

Disease Monitoring in the Population revised

Epidemiology of Medical Devices

Epidemiology, Demography and Biometry Program    in Spanish

Annual Report 101  in Chinese

How to Read an Article on a New Diagnostic Test revised

Transición Epidemiolóica

Low Fitness as a Predictor of Morbidity and Mortality 

Mortality of Twins and Singletons  Epidemiology of Endemic Fluorosis  in Chinese
Self-Rated Health in Epidemiological Surveys as a Predictor of Disability and Mortality Management of a Disease Outbreak: Meningococcal Infection at a High School
Les Etudes d'observation en Epidemiologie Les Mesures en Epidemiologie
Conducting Research. Part I   Part II Principles of Health Administration
Screening and Early Detection. Part I      Part II   Part I  Part II in Spanish Screening
Mental Health and Illness. An Epidemiological Perspective Is it worth the risk?: Risk perception  in Chinese
Epidemiology of chronic diseases in Turkish Physical Activity Epidemiology 
Ophthalmic Epidemiology: A Clouded Vision   (in Croatian)  in Chinese Epidemiological Researches in Egypt
Organizing data in tables and charts: Criteria for effective presentation Causal Inference in Epidemiology
INTRODUCCIÓN A LA EPIDEMIOLOGÍA Epidemiologia Del Delito in Spanish
Epidemiology of Fear. Part I    Part II Potential Errors In Epidemiologic Studies. Part I   Part II   Part III   Part IV
Causation   in Chinese  in Spanish Herd Immunity and Vaccination
Social Aspects of Diseases   in Chinese Deriving Biological Inferences From Epidemiologic Studies
The “Brain Drain” Phenomenon. Global Mobility of Science and Technology Personnel EL RAHAD FIELD RESEARCH CENTRE - CHALLENGING HEALTH PROBLEMS -WESTERN SUDAN
Primordial prevention The Use of Epidemiologic Methods in Disasters
Epidemiologic Transition: Changes of fertility and mortality with modernization. Part I      Part II   (2) EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE for Beginners. Part I    Part II   (in Spanish) Part I    Part II
Finding Research Support. Part I  Part II Part I (in Spanish)  Part II (in Spanish) K.A.P STUDY ON FRONTLINE HEALTH WORKERS
  PAKISTAN: Epidemiological Transition. Country Statistics
Behavioral Science Supercourse Scientific Writing for epidemiology

Clinical Epidemiology   Back to the top
Clinical Governance  
What is Clinical research? And what do we do it? 1000 Drug Interactions That You Didn’t Know You Knew
How to Interpret Your Lab Results Does the Pharmacotherapy of ADHD Beget Later Substance Abuse? A Meta-Analytic Review of the Literature
Drug Interactions. Part I    Part II   Part I in Chinese   Part II in Chinese TOXICITY OF NEW GENERATION PHARMACEUTICAL AGENTS  in Chinese
Effectiveness of therapy. Part I       Part II  EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE. Prognosis   in Chinese

One for You and One for Me: Drug Seeking Patients and Professionals. Part I   Part II

Clinical Epidemiology: Sense and Sensitivity. Second Lecture Efficiency and Errors

Clinical Epidemiology: Third Lecture in Hebrew

Pharmacoepidemiology revised  in Chinese

Evidence-Based Medicine: Can we practice effectively without it? in Chinese

Clinical examination of the thyroid  in Chinese

Gaucher's Disease a Model to Clinical Research

Clinical Trial Concepts revised  in Chinese

Clinical epi: Diagnosis I  in Chinese  Diagnosis II  II in Chinese  Diagnosis III    III in Chinese Fibrinogen in South Asians   in Chinese
The origin of Bimaristans (hospitals) in Islamic medical history Clinical Epidemiology Sense and Sensitivity: First Lecture in Hebrew
La Investigación Clínica: Conceptos y Ética(in Spanish)  La Investigación Clínica: Fases de la Investigación (in Spanish) 
La Investigación Clínica: Funciones y Responsabilidades. Part I (in Spanish)   Part II (in Spanish)   Investigación Clínica: Las responsabilidades del investigador. Part I (in Spanish)   Part II (in Spanish)
CLINICAL TRIALS Artichoke of Population Studies and Clinical Practice
Antioxidant Vitamin Therapy: To 'E' or not to 'E' Diagnostic tests
Clinical Epidemiology: Thyroid disease and test results Clinical Trials. Scientific Aspects AND Legal & Procedural Aspects  in Spanish

Environmental Health   Back to the top
Scale and Complexity in Environmental Systems. Part I  Part II Tribal Environmental Health Education Program
To provide drinking and using water in Kücükcekmece-Istanbul, and behaviors about water use in Turkish Civil Infrastructure for Water, Sanitation, and Improved Health: Opportunities for Innovation
Smoking Cessation Program Community Diagnosis
Radiation. Part I   Part II Pneumoconiosis
Methamphetamine: The Science of Addiction. Part I  Part II   Part III  Part IV Mineral status of Soil, Feed and Fodder for Dairy Animals in different Agro-climatic Zones in INDIA
Rice for Feeding half the World Population New Plant Breeding Strategies
Dopamine’s Role in Drug Craving  in Spanish Fish diseases and the environment  in Spanish
What We Know About Nuclear Energy?  in Russian  in Japanese   in Spanish   in Arabic   in Ukrainian  in Bosnian  In Chinese Effectively Breaking the Cycle of Drugs and Crime  in Spanish
Prescription Drug Abuse Methamphetamines
Global Climate Change: Health Risks – and Preventive Strategies Songhua River Polution and Control in Harbin, China
Global Environmental Change Science  Global Environmental Change & Health Part I   Part II 
Global climate change and drought in the West  in Spanish Global Warming. Greenhouse Gases and Climate
The Use of Epidemiologic Methods for Surveillance of Chronic Disease and Linkage of Environmental Hazards and health Outcomes An Internist Encounters Addiction: Heroin, Alcohol, and HIV Infection in a 42-Year-Old Man With Abdominal Pain. Part I   Part II 
Drug Abuse & Addiction. Part I   Part II  Part I  Part II in Spanish SOME PROBLEMS OF AIR POLLUTION IN ARMENIA WITHIN POST-SOVIET PERIOD    (in Russian)
The Economics of Climate Change Safety matters: How to Safely Evacuate from your Home
Detection of anthropogenic climate change Attribution of Recent Increases in Atlantic Hurricane Activity
Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis Climate Instability and Public Health
EPIDEMIOLOGY OF THOUGHT POLLUTION AND ILLHEALTH The Role of the Hospital in a Changing Environment
Alcohol Use, Abuse, and Dependence   Versions in Spanish,  Russian Chinese EFFECTS ON ECOLOGIC CYCLE AND POSSIBLE ECONOMIC DIMENSIONS OF CREMATORIUM
Drug Abuse Treatment for Criminal Justice Populations  in Spanish Epidemiological Evidence for MDMA/Ecstasy Dependence. Part I  Part II
WASTES & POLLUTION  in Chinese Industrial Noise Control – the Singapore Experience
Behavior Strategies in Diet Control The Challenge and the Cure Nutrition, Epidemiology and Public Health (In Russian)
Drinking water and health  in Chinese The Earth’s Climate System: Variability and change Part I  Part II
MEDICAL GEOLOGY (Geomedicine). Part I     Part II Radiologic Terrorism. Part I     Part II   
Environmental Health and the Health Professional. Ecological Change and Human Health Environmental Endocrine Disruptors. Part I: Toxicity    Part II: Bioaccumulation      Part III: Persistence and Prevention
Semen quality in relation to exposure to currently used pesticides Work, Family, and Adult Health  in Spanish
Environmental Health : Examples from Turkey (in Turkish) Health and Environment in Sustainable Development revised

Estimation of risk of harmful action of factors of environment on some parameters of health of newborn in 1990 years (In Russian)

Parkinson’s Disease and the Environment: the Potential Contribution of Metal-Gene Interactions
CURRENT PERSPECTIVES OF SAFETY & HEALTH AT WORK IN SINGAPORE Conservation in the tropics and Prosopis: The allpurpose tree
INDICATIONS OF ZINC DEFICIENCY FOR LITHUANIAN POPULATION AND ITS GEOMEDICAL CONTROL Chernobyl disaster and experience of population protection from nuclear accident
Air Pollution and Health: An introduction International Occupational Health & Safety
Assault with a Chemical Weapon: Its worse out there than just Bioterrorism. Part I      Part II An Introductory Lecture to Environmental Epidemiology Part 1. Introductory Examples
An Introductory Lecture to Environmental Epidemiology. Part 2. Time Series Studies An Introductory Lecture to Environmental Epidemiology. Part 3. Issues in Design

An Introductory Lecture to Environmental Epidemiology. Part 4. Some Issues in Exposure Assessment

An Introductory Lecture to Environmental Epidemiology. Part 5. Ecological Studies
Impacts of global climate change on human health THE RISK OF CHEMICAL EXPOSURE IN AGRICULTURE PRACTICES  in Chinese
WATER POLLUTION  in Malay Medical Surveillance
ISSUES IN OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE  in Chinese  in Spanish     Risk Assessment   in Chinese   

Epidemiology of Minamata Disease

Disease Clusters in Occupational and Environmental Health

Toxic Oil Syndrome: A new disease. A perspective of interaction between host and environment

Toxic Oil Syndrome revised     Respiratory Symptoms Reported by Adults Living in an Air Polluted Area in Jordan

Genomics, Toxicology, and Public Health (Part I)     (Part II) 

Uso de Sustancias Toxicas y Lesiones por Causa Externa en Mexico in Spanish

Síndrome del Aceite Tóxico:Una nueva enfermedad

Environmental Epidemiology on Small Areas 
Assessing and Managing Environmental Risks: Putting Each Problem Into Public Health Context and Engaging Stakeholders from the Start (part I)   (part II)  Epidemiological Issues in Determining Whether Benzene Causes Lymphatic Cancer or A Toxicologist’s Defense Against the Pump Handle. Part I  Part II
Validity and Reproducibility of Exposure Measurements: The Method of Triads Fouling and Cleansing our Nest; Human-induced Ecological Determinants of Disease  
Environmental Impacts on Health Exposure Assessment to Trihalomethanes in Swimming Pools
Perchlorate. The State of the Science Human Studies Introduction to Environmental Health
Los Plaguicidas. La salud y el ambiente en los países subdesarrollados. Part I       Part II in Spanish New Approaches to Epidemiological Risk Assessment Management (In Russian)       (In English)
Toxidromes. Part I.  Part II Nutrition and Health   (in Russian)   in Spanish
Environmental Exposure Assessment And Biomarkers New Problems Of Environmental Health In Armenia  (In Russian)    
Assessment and Communication of Chemical Risks Risk Assessment as a Risk Management Tool
An Overview of Risk Assessment  in Chinese Mercury and Global Health    Whole grain, fiber, and health
Heat load/water stress and leaf size in three mesquite woods in Sonora, Mexico A Case Study for the Setting of Water Supply & Sanitation Priorities in the PAK Emergency
Social Ecology (In Russian)  Understanding Radiation  (In Russian) 
Ruminal anaerobic fungi: The potential plant-fiber degraders in the rumen Halting Deforestation: Reflections from the Air, on the Ground, and in the Experimental Lab
Agricultural Solid Waste Management: Basic Strategies  Inhalation Toxicology and Toxic Responses of the Lung  set of lectures
Toxicologic Epidemiology course by Michael H. Dong Environmental and Occupational Health Supercourse
Travel medicine Course Global Warming Course
Tobacco and Health Supercourse Drug Abuse & Addiction Supercourse
Environmental Health Supercourse Set of lectures by Conrad Volz
Radiation and Health Supercourse  

Family, Children, and Women's Health   Back to the top
Early attention in chilhood in Spanish Birth Abnormalities: Changing Interpretations Across Time
Pneumonic Complex in Paediatric. Part I in Spanish  Part II in Spanish   Part III in Spanish   Part IV in Spanish Risk factors to stop the breastfeeding in Spanish
HIV/AIDS and pluripathologic children in Spanish Healthy nutrition and menopause in Turkish
NIÑO SANO. NIÑO ENFERMO. NIÑO PLURIPATOLÓGICO in Spanish The level of Physical activity among Omani school children in Arabic
The use of drugs in children (8-9 years) in a schools of Celaya, Mexico in Spanish PREVENTION OF CHILDHOOD OBESITY
Women’s Health Epidemiology of Childhood Obesity
Social and clinical factors of aggressive women behaviour - victims of abuse inside of family in Russian Maternal Smoking and Infant Birth Weight   (Version in Spanish)  in Chinese
Abuse and neglect of Children in Russian RCH Programme. Part I  Part II
The qualitative study on pediatric concepts in Spanish Child Abuse
NUTRITION IN CHILDHOOD & ADOLESCENCE Gender and Women Health  in Turkish
Dysmenorrhea   in Spanish Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Alcohol and Pregnancy
Heights and Weights of Mexican Children  in Spanish  in Chinese PLANNING &ORGANISATION OF RCH SERVICES FOR 1 LAKH POPULATION IN A RURAL AREA. Part I   Part II
PURSUING EQUALITY IN THE MIDST OF DISPARITY: HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES in Spanish Antiretroviral Drugs for Treating Pregnant Women and Preventing HIV Infection in Infants in Resource-Limited Settings
Pluripathological child in Spanish Obstetric Fistula. An Overview
Cardiac disease in Pediatric and Pluripathological child in Spanish Study on the Customs of South Indian Mothers during pregnancy 
Adolescent Vaccines RCH PHASE-II Revised
Perspectives in Global Fertility and Infertility  in Spanish ADOLESCENT HEALTH
Anthropometrics of Mexican schoolchildren Growth & Development in Adolescence
QUALITY OF REPRODUCTIVE & CHILD HEALTH CARE IN INDIA: ASSESSING THE STATUS - Part-I       Part-II      Part I  Part II (In Spanish) Measuring Immunization Coverage among Pre-School Children: Past, Present and Future Opportunities Part I  Part I in Spanish   Part II
The WISE Study: The NHLBI-Sponsored Women’s Ischemia Syndrome Evaluation Methods and Findings Global trends of neonatal, infant and child mortality: implications for child survival  in Spanish
How we can protect the kids? Family Planning Effort Scores
HIV/AIDS and children with special reference to India’s response for Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS, Treatment & Care Inequalities in Children’s Educational Outcomes: Using Administrative Data to Gain a Population-Based Perspective on Health
Negative self-schemas and the onset of depression in women Gender Sensitive Factors in Girls’ Delinquency
Anomalies congénitales en population générale: dépistage prénatal et prise en charge des enfants atteints.  Part I   Part II (In French) Substitution of Dietary Protein for Carbohydrate: Associations of Disease and Mortality in a Prospective Study of Postmenopausal Women
Integrated perinatal infections surveillance: the labor and delivery record to the rescue  (in Russian) Adapting Smoking Relapse Prevention Materials for Pregnant and Postpartum Women
What fathers need: A countywide assessment of the needs of fathers of young children  An Educational Intervention to Promote Proper Seat Belt Use During Pregnancy
COLLABORATIVE APPROACH FOR THE TREATMENT OF POSTPARTUM HAEMORRHAGE  (Version in Spanish) Predictors of Retention in Care Among HIV+ and At-Risk Youth
The past, present and future of childhood lead poisoning  (in Spanish) CHILDBIRTH.BEHAVIOR OF A WOMAN IN LABOR (in Russian)   (in English) (in Spanish)  
BREAST FEEDING (in Russian)   (in English)  (in Spanish) Birth Control and Abortion in American History
GYMNASTICS FOR PREGNANT WOMEN (in Russian)   (in English)    INTRA-UTERINE EDUCATION OF THE FETUS (in Russian)  (in English)
HYGIENE AND REGIMEN OF PREGNANT WOMEN (in Russian)   (in English) NUTRITION OF PREGNANT WOMEN (in Russian)   (in English)  in Spanish
Treatment During Pregnancy: Gaps in our Knowledge Part I   Part II RESPIRATORY GYMNASTICS FOR PREGNANT WOMEN (in Russian)   (in English)
Emergency Contraception. A Well Kept Secret. Part I    Part II    Part I   Part II (in Spanish) Pregnancy development and changes occurred in women organism during it (in Russian)  (in English)  (in Spanish)
The National Advisory Committee on Children and Terrorism and Current U.S. Changes in How Preparedness is Evaluated Millennium Development Goals. Linkages with Early Child Development and Nutrition  (in Spanish)
Situation of Children and Women in India  Birth control and breastfeeding
Child survival – how many deaths can we prevent? Assessment of the Child's Experience of Stuttering (ACES) 
Vulnerability of Women & Children to HIV/AIDS          Reproductive Health of Young Adults. Part I    Part II Adaptation of the Integrated Management of Newborn and Childhood Illness (IMNCI) Strategy for India
US Childhood Asthma Prevalence Estimates: The Impact of the 1997 National Health Interview Survey Redesign Risk approach and risk conditions in Paediatric. Necessity of its application in the Third World (In Spanish)
STRUCTURE OF MATERNAL PASSAGES AND PHYSIOLOGY OF THE BIRTH ACTIVITY (in Russian)   (in English)  (in Spanish) Factors Associated with Breast Self Examination (BSE) Practice Among Female Patients in an Out Patient Clinic in the Philippines
Prevention of Birth Defects   Version (In Spanish) Prevention of Complications from PID  Part I   Part II
Premarriage counsultancy and genetic information Part I (In Turkish)    Part II Bacterial Vaginosis and Pregnancy: Clinical Overview and Public Health Implications  (in Spanish)  in Chinese
Prenatal and Postnatal Growth and Endocrine Diseases. Part I    Part II   Oxidative Stress and Prevention of Preeclampsia: Part I  Part II  Part III
Adolescent Health (in Turkish) The National Children's Study   (version in Spanish) 
Depression During Pregnancy  (version in Spanish)  School Health  (In Turkish)
Reproductive Health   (Version in Spanish)   in Chinese The Fertility Transition in Historical Perspective  (In Spanish)
CORRELATES OF WIFE ABUSE AMONG MARRIED MEN Mother and Child Health in Turkey (in Turkish)
Quality in Family Planning / Reproductive Health services   (Version in Spanish) Risk Factors for Female Infertility in an Agricultural Region  (Version in Spanish)  
Gender and Development Family Planning in Turkey (in Turkish)
Reproductive and Child Health in India   (Version In Spanish) Women and Smoking. A Report of the Surgeon General-2001
Violence against Women and Reproductive Health  (Version in Spanish) Adolescents and Reproductive Health   (Version (in Spanish)    (in Russian)          
Policy Reform in Family Welfare Program of India:Community Mobilization & Community Participation under Reproductive & Child Health Program     (Version In Spanish) Developmental (Congenital) Dysplasia of the Hip. Natural History and Prevention Levels   in Spanish              Travel medicine and pregnancy
Allergy in Children (In Arabic)  Violence against Women in Kazakhstan. Part I  Part II  Part III
The Health and Wellbeing of Womankind    in Chinese C-Sections and VBACs – Past, Present, and Future
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE The question of infant mortality: from the past to the future
EL MALTRATO INFANTIL: UN PROBLEMA MUNDIAL in Spanish Paludismo (Malaria) a formas graves en la infancia in Spanish
VIH/SIDA y Tuberculosis en Pediatría. Consideraciones. Part I       Part II in Spanish Vitamin K and Hemorrhagic Disease of the Newborn    Version (In Spanish)
Insurance, the Presence of a Medical Home, and the Benefits of Primary Care for Children. Part I    Part II   (Version In Spanish) Part I   Part II Pediatric Micronutrient Deficiencies, Epidemiology and Prevention I.  Introduction, Principles and Iron Deficiency II. Vitamin A and Iodine   I.  in Spanish     II. in Spanish
Epidemiology and Sex(ually Transmitted Diseases): The Basics Early childhood and population health. Part I    Part II.
HIV In Mothers and Children. Part I   Part II   Part III   (Version In Spanish) Part I   Part II    Part III   Part I in Chinese Preschool and School Age Activities: Comparison of Urban and Suburban Populations
Malnutrition in Pakistani Children    (Version In Spanish) Adolescent Health Risk Behavior
The problems of malnutrition in Armenia   (in Russian)  in Chinese Congenital malformations and birth weight: a family perspective

Primary Prevention of Birth Defects revised

Epidemiología y Salud Materno Infantilen Argentina

Interactions between GAD (Gender and Development), SHD (Sustainable Human Development) and Women's Health

Childhood Asthma with an emphasis on disease misclassification and synthetic bedding

A Threshold Effect in the Relation of Stressful Life Events and Preterm Delivery

Participación Universitaria en el Desarrollo Comunitario in Spanish

Child & Family Health Infant Mortality Module 1 of 2   in Chinese   Module 2 of 2  in Chinese

Chinese Herbal Medicines:The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly  in Chinese

Maternal and Child Health in Kazakhstan  (English version)    (Spanish version)    (Russian version) 

GnRH antagonists in Assisted Conception. Cochrane Systematic Review. Part I.    Part II. 

Research Phobia in Family Medicine  in Chinese

Sustainable Human Development   in Chinese

Perinatal Epidemiology    (in Spanish)

Reproductive Health Trends and Issues   (Version in Spanish)

Plasma Concentrations of Carotenoids, Retinol and Tocopherols in Preeclamptic and Normotensive Pregnant Women   (Version In Spanish) The Burden of Reproductive Disease in Rural Women in The Gambia, West Africa.  Part I       Part II      Part I (in Spanish)    Part II
Accessing Untapped Research on Women’s Health Epilepsy in childhood  in Chinese
Fetal Origins of Disease Hypothesis   (in Spanish) Child Health and Islam
Prevalence of Permanent Childhood Hearing Impairment Helping Children Develop Healthy Attitudes Toward Stuttering
Predictors of Asthma in Young Children. Does Reporting Source Affect Our Conclusions? Improving child health in developing countries: the critical role of research
Health inequalities in adolescence ( from description to explanation)     (Version in Spanish)  Impact Of Preeclampsia On Birth Outcomes  (Version In Spanish)
Maternal and children health  
CONTEXTUAL RISKS FOR MALADJUSTMENT: THE HIGH COSTS OF AFFLUENCE Programme on reduction of perinatal mortality in the Republic of Kazakhstan    (in Russian)   (in Spanish)
Access and Quality of Primary Health Care with focus on Mother and Child Care    (in Russian)   (in Spanish) The Relationship between Breast-feeding and the Prevalence of Asthma  in Chinese
Access to and Need for Counseling Among Children after the September 11th Attacks on the World Trade Center    (in Spanish) Using verbal autopsy to assess to pass to death Infant Mortality in Talas oblast, Kyrgyzstan, Years 1997-2001   (in Russian)
Risky Behaviors in Adolescence (English version)     (Spanish version)   in Chinese Adolescent Health (English version)   (Spanish version)    in Chinese
Epidemiology of Infant Mortality Maternal Health Measurements
Women's Health Supercourse  

Injury   Back to the top
Experience of implementation of standardized trauma treatment methodology Advanced Trauma Life SupportŪ courses (ATLSŪ) in Lithuania. Part I   Part II Effectiveness of a State Law Mandating Use of Bicycle Helmets among Children: An Observational Evaluation

Injury Epidemiology - Introduction

Injury Epidemiology - Analytic Approaches

Injury Epidemiology- Participatory Action Research and Quantitative Approaches in Small Populations

Epidemiology of Childhood Fractures in Affluent and Deprived Areas  in Chinese

Environmental Approaches to Injury Prevention  

Teenage Driver Crashes - Carrying Passengers as a Risk Factor

Disaster and Hospital Functions

PTSD in Refugee Populations From injury epidemiology to injury prevention: Lithuanian experience

Epidemiology of Disasters - Part I     Part II


Is the CT Scan important at the 24 Hours in Children with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury? International Multicentre Study  The Epidemiology of Physical Activity-related Musculoskeletal Injuries. Part I.   Part II.
Corticosteroid Randomisation After Significant Head Injury Disabilities due to Injury in the U.S. Armed Forces
Motor Vehicle Crashes in Older Drivers    (In Spanish)  Air Safety and Terrorism  in Spanish    in Arabic
Safety education of pedestrian. A systematic review.  in Chinese Safety Road Program Mendoza, Argentina
Introduction to Injury Scoring Systems   Injury Prevention and Control  (In Spanish)  
Falls in the Elderly (in Spanish) Air Travel. Pleasure or Peril?    in Chinese
Fear of Falling Among Seniors: Needs Assessment and Intervention Strategies Medical Aspects of Blast Injuries
Program: Safe School Injury Prevention Program, Health Ministry Mendoza, Argentina  

Molecular Epidemiology   Back to the top
The myth of genetic passport and genetic determinism, as well as predictive ability and economic efficiency of clinical and genetic certification. Part I   Part II  Part III in Russian Half a century with the central dogma of molecular biology Part I in Russian  Part II
Oligonucleotide signatures of pathogenic microorganisms for diagnostic genetic chips and metagenomics INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION IN PROTEOMICS AND INFORMATICS. Part I    Part II
Gene Expression Overview Metagenomics
The New Biology: From Science in the Modern World to the Genetics of Diabetes Genetics for Epidemiologists Lecture 2: Measurement of Genetic Exposures. Part I
DNA Vaccines Cell Division. Part I    Part II     
Genetic Testing and the Prevention of Type I Diabetes. Part I   Part II  Part I in Chinese  Part II in Chinese Ecogenetics, Evolutionary Biology, Genomics, and Medicine. Part I    Part II
Gene-Environment Interactions RNA Switches.Genetic Research Tools
SAGE TECHNOLOGY AND ITS APPLICATIONS Part I   Part II Antimicrobial Drug Discovery Through Bacteriophage Genomics
One Strategy for Gene/Cell Therapy: Harness the Natural Ability of Adult Stem Cells to Repair Tissues  in Chinese  in Russian  Genetics for Epidemiologists: Application of Human Genomics to Population Sciences. Lecture 1: The Biologic Basis for Analysis of Gene Variants
Why Is Sequence Comparison Useful?  In Spanish  web version   Web version in Spanish Genetics for Epidemiologists Lecture 2: Measurement of Genetic Exposures. Part II
Molecular markers and its applications in livestock improvement Genetics for Epidemiologists Lecture 5: Analysis of Genetic Association Studies
Amniotic fluid. A novel source for Mesenchymal stem cells Therapeutic Cloning
Application of Genetic Tools to Clinical and Translational Research Genetics for Epidemiologists Lecture 7: Replication and Functional Studies
Introduction To Molecular Biology Evolution by Gene Duplication Part I    Part II
GENETICS IS A STUDY OF HOW PROTEINS INTERACT, FOLD, AND FUNCTION. Part I    Part I Molecular Basis of Mechanotransduction in Endothelial Cells Part I PartII
Basics of Cell Culture GENE TRAPPING
The Great Ideas Of Biology Cell Cycle Control
Lactose intolerance Understanding Gene Testing 
Genetics of Osteoporosis. Part I     Part II  Part I  Part II in Chinese Molecular Biology of Memory: A Dialogue Between Genes and Synapses
Molecular biology and Genetics of measles virus (In Russian) Part I    Part II    Part III  Molecular Epidemiology and Susceptibility to Malaria Infection. Part I   Part II

Introduction to Molecular Epidemiology   (2)

Q repeat 9 interval amino acid forms in man and pathogen

Routine Molecular Epidemiology for Enhanced Detection and Control of Foodborne Outbreaks. Part I    Part II Public Health Genetics: An Emerging Interdisciplinary Field For The Post-Genomic Era 
Gene-Environment Interactions in Cancer  in Chinese Molecular Profiling of Prostate Cancer 
Baculovirus expression system Genetic Epidemiology (in Russian) Part I     Part II     Part III 
Introduction to Viruses and their Structure  in Chinese Mortality from Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) 
The Impact of the Human Genome Project on Public Health Practice in Chinese Mapping Genes for SLE: A Paradigm for Human Disease? in Chinese
Hereditary Colorectal Cancer: From Genetic Testing to Prevention. Part I Part I in Chinese  Part II  Genetics for Epidemiologists Study Designs: Family-based Studies
Genetics of Diabetes and its Complications: Layers of Complexity Part I  Part II Mutant Prevention Concentration and the Selection Window Hypothesis. Part I   Part II 
Post-transcriptional gene silencing Regulatory Molecular Biology
Genetics for Epidemiologists Lecture 4: Genetic Association Studies Genes, Cognition and Emotion. Part I  Part I in Spanish Part II
The Identification of Genetic Hyperlipidemias Integrating Genomics into Clinical Practice  (2)
Genetic Information for Testing Type 1 Diabetes GIFT-D Scientific Basis of Genetics. Part I      Part II
Bioassays Radioimmunoassay & Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
Molecular breeding & genetic engineering for drought tolerance What scope? Genetics: Past, Present, and Future. Part I   Part II  Part I in Chinese  Part II in Chinese
Linking Genes to Disease: Leveraging the Human Genome  
HYBRIDIZATION Bias in Studies of the Human Genome
Human Genome Project. Part I      Part II Genetic research designs in the real world
Computational Molecular Biology course Stem Cells Supercourse

Occupational Health, Military Health   Back to the top
Not to be Forgotten, Alice Hamilton, Pioneer Occupational Epidemiologist “What Shots Do I Need?” An approach to pre-travel counseling. Part I   Part II 
DISASTER MANAGEMENT IN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY. Part I  Part II Occupational exposure to aerosols from waterproofing agents
Road traffic accidents in Tunisia: a man made disaster Public Health Response to Terrorism - Bioterrorism  in Chinese
Labour(work) and Public Health (In Russian)      Theories in Environmental Risk Assessment  EXAMINATION of NARCOTIC DRUGS and ETHYL ALCOHOL AMONG the SOLDIERS in LITHUANIA
Tee L. Guidotti Set of Lectures in Environmental and Occupational Health  
Challenges in exposure assessment to Diesel soot Occupational Health  in Chinese
Healthy Worker Effect (HWE). An annoying methodological aspect in occupational studies? Part I.   Part II. Exposure to organic solvents and health in developing countries - perspectives on prevention

An Overview of Military Epidemiology  in Chinese

The Threat of NBC Terrorism

Knowledge and behavior research on blood donation in drug sector workers in Istanbul in Turkish

Public Health Response to Terrorism - Preparedness  in Chinese

What's taking so long?-- preventing disease in the United States Air Force SISTEMAS DE VIGILANCIA EPIDEMIOLOGICA OCUPACIONAL in Spanish  
Post-combat disorders from the Boer War to the Gulf Conflict: their nature and attribution Caring for the Worker Potentially Exposed to Bloodborne Pathogens. Part I    Part II
Comments on APPENDIX A "Dissent on Safety Issues"  in Chinese Chronic Bronchitis among Miners and its Prophylaxis (in Russian)
The health of miners (in Russian) Hacking as Warfare. Part I
Hacking as Warfare. Part II Occupational Health An exploration of a paradigm
THE INTEGRAL ASSESSMENT OF BIOTERRORISM THREAT. Episode I. Introduction. Part I. Part II (In English)  (Version In Russian)Part I.   Part II.  THE INTEGRAL ASSESSMENT OF BIOTERRORISM THREAT.  Episode II. OBJECTIVES, METHOD, TASKS (In English)   (Version in Russian)
Understanding Sept.11   (In English)     (In Russian)        (In Chinese)   (In Spanish)    (In Turkish)     (In Korean)    (In Italian)  (In Japanese) (In Hindi)  (in French) THE INTEGRAL ASSESSMENT OF BIOTERRORISM THREAT.Episode III. ONE YEAR AFTER. THE CHARACTER OF THREATS AND MAIN THREATS RANKING.        (Version in Russian) 
Safety of Professional Work of the Stomatologists in Russian OCCUPATIONAL HISTORY   in Chinese
Occupational Stress  in Chinese Occupational Health in Turkey Part I     Part II (in Turkish)

Special Disease
Cardiovascular Disease   Back to the top
Epidemic of Cardiovascular disease. Global and US trends. Any Lessons for Honduras? Risk Stratification in CVD Prevention. How to Identify Cardiovascular Risk in the Office
Exercise Is Medicine—Putting Science in to Clinical Practice Women and Heart Disease Across the Lifespan
Hypertension and Stroke Lipids Metabolism
Cholesterol Ethical aspects of deactivating implanted cardiac devices
The Prevention of Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease The crucial role of physical activity in the prevention and management of overweight and obesity. Part I  Part II
Primordial Prevention – A Perspective from the Bogalusa Heart Study Algorithm of an Integrated Examination of the Vascular System as an Initial and Secondary Prevention of Stroke
Subclinical Atherosclerosis: Implications for Cardiac Risk Assessment. Part I   Part II Is treatment really effective? What is the optimal treatment? In Russian
Global burden of Cardiovascular Diseases in Spanish Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases: Begin in Childhood!
Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease: Implications for Preventive Cardiology. Part I  Part II The Beneficial Effects of Long-Chain, Polyunsaturated n-3 Fish Oil Fatty Acids on the Cardiovascular System. Part I     Part II
HDL Cholesterol No Longer Is Good Cholesterol: Emerging Genetic Theories Health Transition And Emerging Cardiovascular Diseases In Developing Countries
Early diagnosis of atherosclerosis in French CHD Prevention in the Elderly: Should All Older Adults Be Treated?
EPIDEMIOLOGY OF CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE (CVD)    (In Hungarian) Dietary Intervention and Recommendations in the Prevention of Obesity and Heart Disease   in Arabic
Nutritional Approaches to Prevent and Treat Hyperlipidemia: Part I  Part II         Nutritional Anemias  in Spanish Low Adherence of Hypertension Patients to Treatment – What Is To Be Done? Clinical Problem for Public Health   (In Russian)
Prevention Cardiovascular disease   in Spanish Various Aspects of Lipid Problems in Asia  in Chinese
Health transition and emerging cardiovascular disease in developing countries: situation and strategies for prevention. Part I   Part II  Part III  Part I in Arabic  Part III in Arabic MEASUREMENT OF ANKLE ARM PRESSURE INDEX FOR EARLY DIAGNOSIS OF CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES (In French)
Systemic stiffness: a determinant of blood pressure? The Duke Stroke Policy Model (SPM). Part I    Part II     Part III
CVD Control Programs: Preventive Strategies South Asian Cardiovascular Workshop

Rheumatic Fever/Rheumatic Heart Disease revised  in Chinese

Health Care for stroke patients. Part I. (In Russian)     Part II

¿Cómo pensar las Insuficiencias Cardíacas?  (In Spanish)  Part I   Part II  Part III    Part IV

Risk factors for coronary Artery diseases in Pakistanis: A cross–sectional Study  NMR Spectroscopy of Lipoproteins as a New Measure of CVD Risk and Preventive Therapies
Cardiovascular Disease in Black Women Cardiovascular Diseases and Soils
Establishing Preventive Cardiology Programs  in Chinese

The Role of Exercise in Medicine

Recent Trends in Diet and Serum Lipids Level in Japan  in Chinese

Epidemiology and Diagnostic Tests for Venous Thromboembolism  in Chinese

Design and conduct of evaluations of CVD control programs Part I  Part II
ISCHEMIC HYPOXIC ENCEPHALOPATHY: Toward a new focus in complete Neurorehabilitation of their sequels (A Physiopathological Model) -Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4 ISCHEMIC HYPOXIC ENCEPHALOPATHY: Toward a New Focus In Complete Neurorehabilitation of their sequels (A Physiopathological Model) Parte I  (in Spanish)  (Parte 2)  (Parte 3)    (Parte 4)
Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetes: Treat as Secondary Prevention or Assess Individual Risks? - Part I -      Part II Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension as Major Risk Factors for the Development of Cardiac and Renal Disease - Part I -    Part II -
Various Aspect of Lipid Problems in Asia HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE IN HAITI (In French)
DIETA MEDITERRÁNEA y PREVENCIÓN CARDIOVASCULAR in Spanish   Intima Media thickness and Atherosclerosis  in Chinese
Mortality from Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH)  Stroke Epidemiology-2001   in Chinese    in Spanish
Role of Inflammation in the Macroangiopathy of Diabetes   Very low CHD mortality among men aged 33-44 in several states in the United States  in Chinese
Use of Electron Beam Computed Tomography (EBCT) for Identification of High Risk CHD. Part I.     Part II. The discovery of the pulmonary circulation - who should get the credit: ibn Al-Nafis or William Harvey?   in Chinese
Surrogate Measures of Atherosclerosis and Implications for Evaluating Cardiovascular Risk . Part I    Part II Anger and Coronary Heart Disease: Epidemiologic Evidence from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study    in Chinese
Beta Thalassemia: An Overview  in Chinese  in Chinese 2 Early Defibrillation “Jewels”. Part I    Part II    Part III
Coronary Heart disease Risk profile of Women with PCOS: Collision of Evidence and Assumptions Part I     Part II    Part III  Part I in Chinese  Part II in Chinese Part III in Chinese CVD Epidemiology-Definitions Risk Assessment Incidence and Trends. Part I  in Chinese  in Spanish   Part II   Part III  revised
Pathogenesis of Acute Coronary Syndromes  in Chinese Cardiovascular Risk Factor Overview and Management. Part I   Part II  Part I in Chinese  Part II in Chinese
Lipids and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention. Part I  Part I in Chinese  Part II Research Study Design and Analysis for Cardiologists  in Chinese
American Heart Association  in Chinese Prevention of CVD (in Russian)
Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. Part I   Part II Part I in Chinese Part II in Chinese Primary and Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Chinese
Obesity and CHD  in Chinese Inflammation and CHD. Part I  Part I in Chinese   Part II
Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Disease  in Chinese L-Arginine, Nitric Oxide and Atherosclerosis   in Chinese
Therapeutic Interventions and the Sulfinpyrazone in the PREVENTION OF CARDIAC DEATH AFTER MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION. NEJM 1978   Body Mass Index, Weight Change and Death in an Older Hypertensive Population: The SHEP Study
Myocardial protection Balón de Contrapulsación Aórtica (in Spanish)
IAM Perioperatorio Incidencia in Spanish  Magnesium Discussion pro and con   in Chinese
CVD Epidemiology Case Studies   in Chinese  in Arabic Hypertension update Which guideline to follow? 
Changing Strategies Of Treatment Of Hypertension    in Chinese National Cholesterol Education Program. Part I Part I in Chinese  Part II
Cardiology Practice in Grenada, West Indies   Role of CHNs / LHVs in Hypertension Control
Cardiometabolic Syndrome. Part I  Part II    Part III   Part IY   Part Y Physical activity and longevity. The Copenhagen City Heart Study
South Asian Cardiovascular Workshop  

Cancer      Back to the top
Taxation and Cancer Prevention  
National Cancer Control Program in Korea. Part I    Part II Cancer Epidemiology in Korea
Cancer Control in Korea Korean Multi-center Cancer Cohort Study (KMCC)
Upsurge of Breast Cancer in Young Asian Women: Trend and Its Determinants General Risk Factors and Gene-Environmental Interaction for Breast Cancer in Korea
Introduction to Cancer Epidemiology 

Cancer. Part I in Russian   Part II in Russian

The Importance of Prioritizing Cancer Prevention at Major Academic Cancer Centers   in Spanish    in Russian     in Arabic   in Chinese  in Turkish
Cancer Epidemiology in Turkish Colorectal Cancer Epidemiology in Turkish
Breast Cancer Epidemiology in Turkish Cancer Prevention
Risk Factors For Cancer The Global Economic Burden of Breast Cancer
Head and neck cancer Cancer disparities
Epidemiology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Liver Cancer) Cell phones and brain cancer: Unlocking the controversy?
Endometrial Cancer Epidemiology of Lung Cancer
Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer Epidemiology of Prostate Cancer
Genes and the Environment in Cancer Causation  in Spanish  in Russian Dietary intakes of calcium and vitamin D and risk of colorectal cancer in women
Obesity, Energy Balance and Cancer Prevention Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials in America
Skin Cancer in Western Saudi Arabia Energy Balance and Cancer Survival  (in Spanish)
Epidemiological Reasoning Using Cancer Statistics. Part I     Part II    (In Russian)   Part I      Part II Overdiagnosis in mammography screening for breast cancer in Sweden and Norway
Nitritos y cancer del tracto digestivo.  Revision bibliografica in Spanish      Lung cancer and gene therapy  (In Spanish)
Toenail arsenic and bladder cancer: findings from a cohort study of male smokers Cancer Survivorship Research: Challenge and Opportunity. Part I   Part I in Chinese  Part II  Part I  Part II in Spanish
Gastric Cancer Prevention   (in Spanish) YEAST AND CANCER  in Chinese
The Role of Phytoestrogens in Cancer Etiology  in Chinese Informing Medicaid Policy With Cancer-related Health Services Research
Prevention of Ovarian Cancer  in Chinese Ovarian Cancer: Reproductive Factors and Beyond
Clinical Implications of TNF Family in Blood Disorders Avoidable Occupational and Environmental Causes of Cancer
Genetic screening for sporadic cancers and other diseases of complex etiology A ‘pandemic’ of adenocarcinomas in the new millennium: a common causal pathway?
Problem based learning in Europe/Cancer Education Epidemiologia del Cancer de Mama -Spanish- 
Introduction to Cancer Epidemiology. Part I      Part II   Part III   Part I (In Spanish)      Part II (In Spanish)     Part III (In Spanish)  Part I in Chinese  Part II in Chinese  Part III in Chinese Occupational Cancer. Part I  Part I in Chinese   Part II

An Introduction to Cancer Therapy With Hadron Radiation

Epidemiology of Hodgkin revised  in Chinese

Cancer Epidemiology revised   in Chinese

Viral Hepatitis/Hepatocellular Carcinoma revised

How to Control Cancer   in Chinese

Gastric Cancer Epidemiology     (in Spanish)   in Chinese

Lung Cancer: a preventable disease (in Spanish)  in Chinese

Interactive Cancer Mortality Mapping on the Internet Part I: The Atlas On-Line  Part II: Customizable Maps  Part I (in Spanish) in Chinese   Part II (in Spanish)

Hereditary Colorectal Cancer: From Genetic Testing to Prevention. Part I   Part II

Epidemiologia del Cancer en Mexico in Spanish 

Arsenic and Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer in Slovakia

Cancer Trends in England and Wales  in Chinese(1)  (2)

Cancer Prevention, Ethics, and Managed Care  in Chinese

Gene-Environment Interactions in Cancer   Molecular Profiling of Prostate Cancer 

Colorectal Cancer:Proposal of a Screening Program for Developing Countries with Emphasis on Costs  in Chinese

Radiation epidemiology and Leukemia -Part I-  Part I in Chinese   Part II   (Russian version - Part I and  Part II)
Leucemia mieloide crónica in Spanish  Isoflavonoids and Breast Cancer Risk
Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer  in Chinese Prostate Cancer and Smoking  in Chinese
The National and Global Cancer Burden (Part I)   (Part II)   (English-Arabic) (in Arabic - (Part I)  (Part II)    (Part I) in Chinese   (Part II) in Chinese Modelling Time Dependent Hazard Ratios in Relative Survival: Application to Colon Cancer
Clinical Content Update: Cancer The Role of Poverty in Prostate Cancer in African-Americans 
Ethical issues and cancer screening  in Spanish  in Chinese WHO’s cervical cancer screening programmes: managerial guidelines  (in Spanish)
Colonoscopy, Flexible Sigmoidoscopy or Occult Blood Testing: Organizing Colon Cancer Screening Programs: Part I     Part II Clinically Meaningful Change and Clinical Relevance of the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Lung: Analysis of ECOG 5592 Data in Chinese
Audit of Cancer Registrations Notified by National Health Service Central Register in England and Wales   in Chinese Incidence of cutaneous malignant melanoma in Granada (Spain) 1985-1992   in Chinese
Cancer Bookmarks By Eric Marler, MD  


Diabetes   Back to the top
Epidemiology and Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes  
Diabetes Mellitus Surgery In Diabetes Mellitus (DM)
Models of Diabetes Care in PHC Genetics of Diabetes
A Public Health Approach Towards Prevention of IDDM Diabetes Mellitus. Type 2. in Russian
Epidemiology of Type 1 Diabetes Diabetes and the Internet
How Turkish and Arabic Speaking Communities (TASC) View Diabetes and Pre diabetes? A qualitative Study Epidemiology of Òóðå 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) among children of Novosibirsk City, Russia
Research Highlights from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases  in Spanish Epidemiology of Type 2 Diabetes: Principles and Lessons from U.S. National Diabetes Surveillance System
What can WHO do to control the epidemic of diabetes? Part I     Part II   Strategic Approaches in Combating Diabetes Mellitus among GCC Countries. Part I    Part II   Part I in Arabic  Part II in Arabic
Diabetes as a Global Health Problem - The IDF meets the Challenge. Part I     Part II Peer-led Diabetes Prevention Program for TASC in Melbourne
Modifiable Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes  in Arabic Diabetes Research Initiatives in Sharjah, UAE
DIABETES IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA Diabetes and Metabolic Disease
Prediction of Type 1 Diabetes and related Autoimmune Diseases Strategies for Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes  in Chinese
DIABETIC ATHEROTHROMBOSIS AND ACCELERATED AGING: INTERVENTION STRATEGIES. Part I    Part II Changing trends in epidemiology of type 1 diabetes mellitus throughout the world: How far have we come and where do we go from here  (in Spanish)
UPDATE ON CHILDHOOD DIABETES MELLITUS The Metabolic Syndrome: International Diabetes Federation (IDF) consensus definition    (Version in Russian)  
LOW CARBOHYDRATE, LOW INSULIN, MODERATE PROTEIN, HEALTHY FATS AS THE BASIS FOR BLOOD GLUCOSE NORMALIZATION IN DIABETES  Current Therapies for the Treatment of Type II Diabetes: Implications and Prevention in the Elderly  Part I    Part II
Reducing CVD Risk in Diabetes: Part I   Part II Insulin for Life     (In Japanese)    in Chinese
EPIDEMIOLOGY OF DIABETES – ITS HISTORY IN THE LAST 50 YEARS in Chinese D-Chiro-Inositol and its Role in Diabetes and Insulin Resistance
Impaired glucose tolerance and undiagnosed diabetes   A LATERAL VIEW OF DIABETES FROM THE CARIBBEAN. Part I      Part II
Patterns of contraception in IDDM in the UK Epidemiology of Type 1 Diabetes   in Chinese

Epidemiology of IDDM revised

The Impact of Diabetes in the Americas

Type 2 Diabetes in Japanese Americans   in Chinese

Etiology and Determinants of Type 2 Diabetes   in Chinese

Natural History and Determinants of Type 2 Diabetes  in Chinese

Epidemiology of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in the Arab World

Types of Studies in Diabetes Epidemiology   in Chinese  in Arabic

Epidemiology in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Epidemiology of Diabetes Complications - I    II

Strategies for Prevention of Type II Diabetes

Prevalence of diabetic complications in relation to demographics in Europe Part 1: acute complications and macrovascular diseases

The Type 1 Diabetes Sardinia (Hot & Cold Spot) Project: What did we learn so far?

Improving Diabetes Care For Adults: A Population-Based Approach  in Chinese Epidemiology of Diabetes Mellitus(DM) in Siberia
Aging And Diabetes Mellitus: A Dental Public Health Problem Along The US-Mexico Border  Prevalence of Diabetic Complications in Relation to Demographics in Europe
Critical evaluation of the diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) in Chinese Diabetes and Obesity  in Chinese
Diabetic Nephropathy in Type 2 Diabetes: The Indian Experience Dietary Management   in Spanish
Outcome of Diabetic Pregnancy. Comparison of North East England with Norway    in Chinese Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension as Major Risk Factors for the Development of Cardiac and Renal Disease - Part I -  Part II  
Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetes: Treat as Secondary Prevention or Assess Individual Risks? - Part I    Part I. in Chinese  Part II Genetics of Diabetes and its Complications: Layers of Complexity Part I  Part II  Part I in Chinese  Part II in Chinese
Basic Considerations for Prevention of Blindness in Diabetes Care and Education Role of Inflammation in the Macroangiopathy of Diabetes   in Chinese
Vitamin D and risk of Type 1 diabetes. Insulin for the World's Poorest Countries
Genetic Testing and the Prevention of Type I Diabetes.Part I Part II Preventing CAD in Diabetes. Part I   Part II
National Diabetes Education Program. Changing the Way Diabetes is Treated  (in Spanish) Prevalencia de Diabetes Mellitus Gestacional en Mujeres Recibiendo Servicios en el Hospital Universitario de Puerto Rico Durante Julio 1997 a Diciembre de 1998 in Spanish
Strategies for the Education of Diabetic Patients on the World Wide Web. Part I   Part II Diabetes Mellitus y Factores de Riesgo Asociados en la Poblacion Mexicana in Spanish mexicana.
Age Dependent Type 1 Diabetes Pathogenesis  in Chinese Smoking and Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetes and Risk Factors How to conduct prevalence studies  (In Russian) Ramadan Fasting and Muslim Patients
Diabetes and Other Non-Communicable Diseases / EM Regional Perspective Diabetes Supercourse for the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region

Human-Animal Interaction   Back to the top
How we control viral diseases of man and animals  
Too Many Germs, Too Few Monkeys. The Need for Artificial Organisms for Testing and Validating Pharmaceuticals EPIDEMIOLOGY OF NOSOCOMIAL INFECTIONS (NCIs). Part I  Part II

The Epidemiology of Human-Animal Interactions: Part I: Zoonotic Diseases revised

The Epidemiology of Human-Animal Interactions:Part II Health Benefits to Humans revised

Conjugation and autogamy in ciliated protozoans  Zoonotic Pathogens: An Introduction      (in Russian)

The Epidemiology of Human-Animal Interactions: Part III Animals as Sentinels of Environmental Hazards


Infectious Disease   Back to the top
Vaccination: A Cornerstone of Public Health  
Typhoid fever Cholera in Haiti in Spanish
The Hepatitis C Virus Epidemic in Egypt HANDWASHING: Timeless Wisdom - A Healthy Habit
Educative support from nursing in knowledge about risk factors in sexual health in high school students in Spanish

INFLUENZA A (H1N1) in Portuguese

Influenza A(H1N1) (Swine Flu): Pandemic  Part II  in Russian  in Spanish Part II    in Farsi   in Arabic  in Vietnamese  in Malay  in French  in Macedonian  in Chinese   in Hebrew   in Bosnian  in Japanese
HIV/AIDS: Insight Into Its Impact. Part-I Influenza in Russian
ACQUIRED IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME (HIV infection, AIDS) "One Medicine/One Health":Personal Reflections of a True Believer 
Clinical and Epidimiological Features of tuberculosis in persons with mental illness in Russian Using the Modified Haddon Matrix to Deal with Infectious Disease Outbreaks
Epidemiology of Poliomyelitis Epidemiology and prevention of streptococcal pharyngitis
Tuberculosis program in Spanish Malaria Case Management
Epidemiology of viral hepatitis in Arabic Defining and Defeating the Intolerable Burden of Malaria
Vaccines and Vaccination in Arabic Epidemiology of TB in Arabic
BCG vaccines in Arabic DOTS strategy in Arabic
Leprosy in Saudi Arabia Epidemiologic Update: Hepatitis C
NUTRACEUTICALS: An emerging field for metabolic engineering of Lactic Acid Bacteria AIDS. The Scientific Response   Chikungunya   MOSQUITO LAUGHS AT MAN
Antiviral Properties of Milk Proteins and Peptides     in Spanish Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
Herd Protection against Influenza The strange, beautiful and powerful world of microbes
Malaria in Arabic Challenges of Influenza Control   in Spanish
 Kala Azar      Malaria   in Spanish
POLIOMYELITIS EPIDEMIOLOGY & CURRENT STATUS EPIDEMIOLOGY & CURRENT STATUS Part I    Part II Emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases: The Perpetual Challenge to Global Health
K.A.P STUDY ON FRONTLINE HEALTH WORKERS Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Saudi Arabia
HIV/AIDS PREVENTION PROGRAMME PROGRAMME PLAN OF COOPERATION 2003-2007 Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Agents in Pediatric HIV Infection. Part I    Part II
Technical and Operational issues in Pediatric HIV/AIDS  in Spanish Prevention of HIV in Health Care Facilities
PMTCT PROGRAMME MONITORING Control of Communicable Diseases in Emergencies  (in Spanish)
Infection. Tumor Grafts. Specificity. Memory. “Tolerance“ Polio Eradication Program in India: Actions in Post-Eradication Phase
EPIDEMIOLOGY OF LEPTOSPIROSIS & CONTROL MEASURES Tetanus    (in Spanish)             Immunization Services
The control of infectious diseases and its effect on development Global Polio Eradication: history, achievements & challenges
Swine Flu in Arabic Mécanismes immunopathologiques de l’infection VIH (in French)
EPIDEMIOLOGY OF POLIO MYELITIS AND POLIO ERADICATION PROGRAMME IN INDIA Influenza: An Impending Pandemic    (in Macedonian)     (in Spanish)   (in Russian)   (in Chinese)  (in Persian)  Part II    (in Spanish)   (in Macedonian)   (in Chinese)  in Russian
Scarlet Fever ( in Arabic) Denque Fever ( in Arabic)     
INFANT FEEDING AND HIV HIV/AIDS Prevention Through Schools
Stigma and Discrimination Related to HIV/AIDS    (in Spanish) HIV Counselling and Testing   (in Spanish)
Combating Infectious Diseases and the Disease Control Priorities Project: A Convergence of Epidemiology, Economics and Research The Role of International Agencies in Conquering Malaria. Part I    Part II Part I (in Spanish)   Part II (in Spanish)
TB and the Mexican Border:BCG,Practices&Complications.Part I   Part II EPIDEMIOLOGY OF CHOLERA  (in Spanish)  
PATHOGENESIS OF AIDS. How does HIV cause AIDS? Towards an HIV Vaccine
Scourges Old and New: The Burden of Infectious Diseases in the 21st Century. Part I     Part II Clinical aspects of HIV/AIDS in the light of international standards of diagnostics and treatment (In Russian)
Infectious Diseases Programs and Perspectives of the Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health   (in Spanish) Tropical Diseases Research in Panama: Historical Perspectives and Current Opportunities
All-cause Mortality and Malaria in African children: Trends and Controversies Conquering Malaria Through Actions Linking Control to Research
Conquering Malaria         Malaria and its conquering “Just a few days . . . Ebola, Zaire, 1976”. Part I     Part II
An update on HIV/AIDS and STDs in Pakistan: epidemiological trends over the last decade Opportunities and Challenges in reducing heterosexual HIV transmission  in Chinese
Pharmaceutical companies & HIV/AIDS in developing settings SOIL AND SHOWER OF HIV/AIDS IN INDIA
Malaria Control in India. Part I    Part II   Horse Diseases. Part I     Part II      Part III                 
Malaria in pregnancy in sub-Saharan Africa: Relationships with mothers’ anemia and their infants’ birth weight   in Chinese Clinical and Epidemiological Aspects of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Latin America
  Distemper Dog Heartworm
Acute Renal Failure in Severe Malaria Horse Genetics for Speed 
Lameness in Racehorses                      HIV/AIDS       
MALARIA CONTROL PROGRAMME  in Chinese Children's syphylis (in Russian)
Anaplasmosis and taxonomic issues Canine Monocytic Ehrlichiosis
POLIO ERADICATION PROGRAM IN INDIA Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus in Mexico
Function of Aminoglycoside–Arginine Conjugates (AACs) as inhibitors of HIV-1 replication Acute P. aeruginosa Infections-From Genes to the Bedside. The relationship between research and clinical care. Part I  Part II
HIV INFECTION AND INJECTION DRUG USE: The Importance of Gender  in Chinese West Nile Virus Encephalitis          Ticks
HIV / AIDS EPIDEMIC IN INDIA  in Chinese Cholera and Global Health. Part I   Part II   Part III
The geographic orientation of Southeast Asia regarding the spread of HIV/AIDS DOMESTIC ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC FACTORS OF TUBERCULOSIS IN BANDUNG AND WEST TIMOR. Part I.    Part II.
Contamination of Foods by Pathogens in the Environment Australia Antigen and the Biology of Hepatitis B  in Chinese
BIRD FLU   (In Spanish)    in Chinese   Prevention of AIDS in South Africa
AIDS/ HIV – Current Senario       AVIAN INFLUENZA: Zoonosis    (In Spanish)   in Chinese
Geographic orientation for African countries with Human Immunodeficiency Virus FAITH-BASED CAPACITY BUILDING FOR HIV/AIDS INTERVENTION PROGRAMS IN THE NORTH WEST PROVINCE OF CAMEROON Part I. Part II.
Evolution of the Mad Cow Disease in the United States The evolving HIV epidemic in South Africa
Syphilis – Syphilis Epidemiology. Part I.    Clinical Aspects of Primary Syphilis. Part II.  Clinical Aspects of Secondary Syphilis. Part III.    Clinical Aspects of Late Syphilis. Part IV   Congenital Syphilis. Part V. Mad Cow Disease Outbreak in the United States. Following the Story in USA Today.

Current Status of the H1N1 Flu

Epidemiology of infectious disease (Examples from Turkey) (In Turkish) HIV/AIDS Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment in Older Patients in Chinese
Situation analisys on HIV vertical transmission    (in Russian) HIV/STD Risk Behaviors in Methamphetamine User Networks.Part I   Part II
‘I Think I Have Anthrax…’: Responding to Bioterror in the National Capital Region Ascaris, Trichuris, Enterobius, Ancylostoma, Strongyloides and Trichinella (Nematoda), and the diseases that these roundworms cause in humans
Veterinary Virology course by PETER H. RUSSELL (23 lectures) Veterinary Preventive Medicine and Public Health course (28 lectures)
Invasive and Non-invasive Monitoring of Hepatitis C . Virus-induced Liver Fibrosis, Alternatives or Complements? Diarrhea is caused by waterborne Entamoeba, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and Cyclospora
Urban Leprosy Elimination PULSE POLIO IMMUNIZATION
Caseous lymphadenitis in goats & sheep Filariasis
Development of Outbreak Investigation Database for hospital Infections Community Acquired Pneumonia Challenges in the New Millenium
Schistosomiasis  in Chinese Cysticercosis and echinococcosis
Chagas disease   in Spanish The mosquito vectors: Aedes aegypti and A. albopictus
Rabies Leishmaniasis
Sickle cell anemia and thalassemias Amebiasis    in Chinese
Hepatitis C Primer for HIV Care Providers. Part I    Part II Poliomyelitis 
Monkeypox: Outbreak in the US    (in Spanish) Leprosy
Principles of HIV Therapy. Simple is Better! Malaria basics
Educational Centre for Infectious Control (in Russian) Identification of Bioterrorism Agents. Part I  Part I. In Spanish    Part II
An Overview of TB in SAARC Countries and Role of SAARC TB Centre in TB Control. Part I   Part II  

HIV AIDS Counseling

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Part I   Part I. (In Spanish)    Part II  Part II. (in Spanish)  Part III  PART III (in Spanish)   Part IY PART IY (in Spanish)   Part Y  PART Y (in Spanish)  Part YI  PART YI (in Spanish) revised
A Review of Foodborne Illness & an Outbreak Investigation that Lead to a Product Recall Vigilancia epidemiológica para el VIH/SIDA ¿Por qué la Vigilancia de Segunda Generación (VESG)? (In Spanish) 
A Foodborne Outbreak of Gastroenteritis in a Teaching Hospital  in Chinese The Big Ten Tropical Diseases. Categorization and research strategic emphases    (In Spanish)
Elimination of Leprosy The Principles of Outbreak Epidemiology   in Chinese
Bartonelosis humana por Bartonella bacilliformis (in Spanish) Chickenpox in Children, Adults and Pregnancy: What to do?
Epidemiology of Brucellosis in the Euroasian region and Kazakhstan(in Russian) Modern tendencies in evolution of pseudomonodoses (in Russian)
Investigating an Outbreak. Part I    Part II Human Bartonellosis caused by Bartonella bacilliformis

Infectious Disease Epidemiology-A   Infectious Disease Epidemiology-B

Tuberculosis: Previous and Present Millennium  in Chinese

Malaria revised

Epidemiology of Andean Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Epidemiology of Tuberculosis   in Chinese

Cryptosporidium: The Milwaukee Case

Toxoplasma: a Fetal and Sometimes Fatal Parasite

AIDS and STDs in Africa I: The Problem

Epidemiology and Management of Diarrheal Diseases revised in Chinese

Influenza: Epidemiology, Prevention, and Control revised

Microbial Threats to Health in the United States: Natural and Manmade

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Bacterial -Part I    Part II  -part I- in Chinese  part II- in Chinese

Epidemiology and Control of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus in Hospitals   (in Russian)

Epidemiology of Emerging Infectious Diseases: An Examination of Global Threats From a Public Health Education Perspective

Dengue and Aedes Aegypti: a public health problem along the United States-Mexico border (Lecture number 1 - a series of Dengue lectures) Sexual Behavior and the Prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis Infection in Asymptomatic Students in Germany and Spain
Dengue, Aedes aegypti, and Hurricane  Reconstruction in The Caribbean and Central America: Prevention and Control Following a Natural Disaster (Lecture Number 2 - a series of Dengue Lectures) Dengue, Aedes aegypti, and Hurricane Reconstruction in The Caribbean and Central America: Prevention and Control Following a Natural Disaster (Lecture number 3 - a series of Dengue lectures)    in Spanish
Evolutionary Origin and World Expansion of Malaria


Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Viral -Part I    Part II Anthrax
Molecular Epidemiology and Susceptibility to Malaria Infection. Part I   Part II Outbreak of Botulism Associated with Fermented Beaver-Alaska 2001
Population dynamics of infectious diseases Counseling in HIV/AIDS   in Chinese
Epidemiology of amebiasis   (Version In Spanish) Rift Valley Fever
Management of Severe Falciparum Malaria in Chinese Hepatitis in a Surgeon- Problem Oriented Learning: Part I   Part II
AIDS Care, Why And How Should Industry Respond?   in Chinese Expanding Safer Sex Options: Introducing the Female Condom     
HIV/AIDS - Issues For The Workplace Opportunistic Fungal Infections  in Chinese
Emerging Infectious Diseases Prevention & Control of Infections  in Chinese
Cost-performance analysis of malaria control in Henan Province, China Device Related Nosocomial Infection in ICU. Part I   Part II
Hospital Epidemiology (in English)    (in Russian) The Control of Nosocomial Infections (in Russian)
Infection Control: Attitudes & behaviors   Organization & Sustainability (Infection Control)
Prevention & Control Activities  (Infection Control) Anthrax. II
The Protective Effects of Alcoholic Beverages on the Occurrence of Food-Borne Outbreak (In Spanish) Basic Investigation of Outbreaks. Part I (in English)  Part I (in Russian)   Part II (in English)   Part II (in Russian)
HIV Clinical Trials     revised   in Chinese Diphtheria
Administrative Issues in Outbreak Investigations. Part I   Part II   MMR vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella
Analysis of Malaria Incidence, Altitude, and Rainfall a Study in the Timor Tengah Selatan (TTS) District, West Timor, Indonesia  Incidence of Influenza in Ontario Following the Universal Influenza Immunization Campaign
Disease Outbreaks: Preserving the Lesson's Learned  Trypanosoma brucei causes African sleeping sickness
Yellow Fever Syphilis is still with us
PRIONS THE INFECTIOUS PROTEINS The History of Bioterrorism  in Chinese  in Spanish
Disease Informatics: Phytates driving from the back-end to Influenza, Encephalitis, Hepatitis, Anemia at the front-end Food Safety Challenges from Farm to Table. Part I   Part I. in Chinese   Part II.
Noncommunicable Diseases   Back to the top
Healthy Behavior: Lifestyle and Diet Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  Fitness or Obesity: What Is the Major Target for Intervention?
National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion  
Regional action Plan for NCD in WPR Asthma
Prevention and control of Noncommunicable diseases. Challenges & Opportunities Chronic Disease. A Public Health Perspective (Arthritis examples) 
Obesity Reduction and Awareness of NCD’s through Group Education in children (ORANGE Project) Introduction to Chronic Disease Epidemiology. Supplemental Curriculum for Health Department Associates
 Burden and measurement of Noncommunicable diseases Health Promotion for NCD Prevention
Creating Models for Health Care Delivery that Address Chronic Disease Non-communicable Diseases and Former Soviet Union countries
Metabolic Syndrome Active Ageing   in Chinese

Evidence-based Noncommunicable Diseases Prevention (In Russian)

Chronic noncommunicable diseases among the population of Russia (in Russian)

Obesity-a global epidemic Why vegetarian diet?
Anti-aging Strategies Mental Health Stress - Depression
The Main Lessons of International and Russian Experience of Noncommunicable Diseases Prevention (in Russian) How to organize and to conduct the population survey for the NCD risk factors (in Russian)
Working up the Policy and the Programs of NCD Prevention (In Russian) The Estimation of Needs in NCD Prevention (In Russian)
WHO Statistics, 2000 Geriatric education for Primary Health Care physicians
INTERNATIONAL HEALTH: NONCOMUNICABLE DISEASES AS GLOBAL HEALTH PROBLEM   Part I     Part II    Part I (In Russian)   Part II.   Mr Os (osteoporosis), Hong Kong  in Chinese

Metabolic syndrome?

Others   Back to the top
Ethics in Research involving Human Subjects Disease Informatics: Brush up the terms describing techniques and resources
NIH-OIC grant proposal Primary Health Care
Global Diseases biological challenges of the 21st Century CONSAGUINITY AND APNEA OF PREMATURITY
Anaphylaxis & Acute Allergic Reactions in the Emergency Department  Perspectives on Clinical Outcomes of Studies of Products for Use in Cartilage Repair
Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia OBESITY, NUTRITION & Environment   in Spanish
Obesity in Spanish Telefluoroscopy in Dysphagia Management
HOOKED ON SOMETHING?    IRON & BRAIN     Disease Informatics: Host factors simplified Obesity    Obesity in Adolescents – Indian scenario  Probiotics and Allergy  BIOCHEMISTRY OF LEPTIN
Development of Pictorial Materials to Support Health Education (Case Study: ORT, Baluchestan)  Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Screening for High Risk Patients
Illusions of Memory and Loss of Justice  (in Spanish) A systematic review of the prevalence of schizophrenia
Early Detection and Prevention of Renal Failure: Part I  Part II A systematic review of the incidence of schizophrenia  revised
The control of hematopoiesis and leukemia: From basic biology to the clinic Validation of the OMERACT-OARSI Responder Index: Responders Have Better Overall Health Status than Non-responders
Tyrosine phosphorylation: from discovery to the kinome and beyond EFFECT OF NUTRIENTS ON THE GENE EXPRESSION: Nutri-genomics
Convocation on Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research Fraud in Medical Research:Emphasis on Statistical Aspects
Prevalence of chronic constipation in general population   Update on Acute Asthma    in Chinese
Long Range Strategy Plan ORBIS INTERNATIONAL – INDIA Thyroid Orbitopathy (TO)  
Information Mastery: Evidence-Based Medicine in Everyday Practice in Chinese Understanding Obesity through Sociology   in Chinese  in Spanish
LIQUIDOS Y ELECTROLITOS. (In Spanich) Part I    Part II.  Biological Effects of Nitric Oxide and its Role in Cell Signaling  in Chinese
Anger Regulation Interventions: Research and Rationale Artritis y Medicina Biológica  (In Spanish)
Diagnostics and treatment of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (In Russian)   Clash Of The Titans! Convergence Of Tau And Alpha-Synuclein Amyloid In Neurodegenerative Diseases  in Chinese
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemiology and Treatment Considerations. Part I     Part II  Part I  Part II in Chinese OVERVIEW: DISPARITIES IN THE DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF MENTAL DISORDERS 
Laparoscopic Ablation for Minimal or Mild Lesions in Endometriosis Associated Subfertility   Hormonal Replacement Therapy for postmenopausal females: To give or not to give?   In Spanish   
EMPHYSEMA AND SPIROMETRY      The cell cycle: What do you need to know about it? Exploring the Scientific Basis of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Part I  Part I (in Spanish)  Part II  Part II in Spanish
Acne Treatment and Therapeutic Strategies Evaluation and Management of Anemia in Family Practice  in Chinese
Conflict Management   in Chinese Oaths:The Hippocratic Tradition revised
Sexual and Reproductive Health Services. Health Sector Reforms Training Evaluation  (In Chinese)   in Chinese (2)
PHYSICAL ACTIVITY FOR AGEING SUCCESSFULLY Epidemiology of Alzheimer’s Disease  in Chinese
Metaloproteinasas Taking Charge of Your Health: Weight Management   in Chinese
FIBROMIALGIA . PREVENCION Y TRATAMIENTO (in Spanish) revised Asistencia Respiratoria Mecanica (In Spanish)  Part I  Part II

Epidemiology of Hypothyroidism

Neurolathyrism     A Review of Risk Factors for Schizophrenia

Biology - Chemistry Frontier. Roger Adams Award Lecture Part I   Part II American Bioethics after Nuremberg: Pragmatism, Politics, and Human Rights. Part I  Part II
Ethics in research involving human subjects INTERFERON TAU-ROLE IN EMBRYO IMPLANTATION
Epidemiology of Transfusion Transmitted Disease  in Chinese Science and Technology for Sustainable Well-Being. Part I   Part II
Darwin’s Greatest Discovery: Design without Designer Biology to Ethics: The Biological Roots of Morality
Nitric Oxide as a Unique Bioactive Signaling Messenger in Physiology and Pathophysiology Epidemiology of Iron Deficiency and Iron Deficiency Anemia in Chinese
Oxidant Mechanisms in Response to Ambient Air Particles Prevention of Osteoporosis  Part I  Part II  Part III
Pain: Underlying Mechanisms, Rationale for Assessment  in Chinese Physical Activity and Bone Health during Childhood and Adolescence: Critical Periods for the Prevention of Osteoporosis

Analyzing the increase in sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) observed since 1970 in the United Kingdom (U.K.), by using age-period-cohort models 

Screening for Retinopathy & Nephropathy in Chinese Depression in Southern Africa: Lessons from Zimbabwe 
Prevention of complications of endocrine disorders  in Chinese Geographic variation of GI diseases.  in Chinese
The Relationship between Breast-feeding and the Prevalence of Asthma Epidemiologic Challenges In Malignant Hyperthermia (MH)
Neural Tube Defects Among Mexican Americans Living on the Texas-Mexico Border: Effects of Folic Acid and Dietary Folate Survival Estimates in Prevalent Cohorts: an Application in Sickle Cell Anemia 
The psychical disorders among children and adolescents in Armenia (In Russian) Idiopathic Sudden Deafness: risk factors from a case-control study using pooled controls  in Chinese
Social and Leisure Activities in Relation to Dementia Nutritional Guidelines for Osteoporosis
Quality Management Systems (QMS) for Laboratories Preparation and Implementation. Part I   Part II   Part III   Part IV  Part V The National Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control Program (NIDDCP). Part I   Part II 
APOPTOSIS: An overview Embryo sexing in farm animals
Hereditary Hemochromatosis  in Chinese NIH Grant Writing. Part I    Part II 
Quality Assurance Programmes for Laboratory Testing - An Overview   Mortality Associated with Down Syndrome in the United States, 1983-1997
Why is asthma prevalence increasing?  in Chinese Disaster and Multi-Casualty Triage     (in Spanish)
Ethical Principles for Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects: Overview of International Guidelines  (in Spanish) From Finch to Fish to Man: Role of Body Fluid Volume Regulation Part I.    Part II. 
Antioxidants, diet and degenerative diseases

Dermatology publication in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries(GCC)

Community ophthalmology. Part I    Part II Community Ophthalmology Lecture Series. Lecture III   Primary Eye Care and Community Participation. Lecture IV
  Hand Hygiene: A Look at the New Guideline. Part I   Part II   Part III
Chemical Transmission in CNS and Antipsychotic Drugs. Part I   Part II Disease Informatics: Terms and Jargon to begin with
Metabolic Syndrome Supercourse  
Clinical Medicine Lectures Bradford VTS Web Pages for General Practice

Public Health    
Public Health   Back to the top
Calendar 2011 - the Year of Global Health What is Public Health?
  Global to Mobile Applications of Mobile Technologies to Problems of Global Health
Public health, vaccinology and research ethics in Spanish Second Generation Epidemiological Surveillance and evaluation of new vaccines in Spanish
Hazard, Threats, Risk, Etc. An examination of some key terms … Menthol and Tobacco Smoke Exposure: What We Know; What We Don’t And Where to Go
From Health Research to Social Research: Privacy, Methods, Approaches Nizwa Healthy Lifestyle Project, Planning and Implementation Experience 1999 - 2008   in Arabic
Evidence Informed Public Health Protecting Human Research Participants. Part I   Part II
Framing a Public Discussion on the Social Determinants of Health Raising Awareness of American Indian/Alaska Native Health Issues. Part I   Part II
Pandemic Preparedness -Risk assessment and infection control in health care settings- Human health, public health and health’s promotion. Considerations.  in Spanish
NEW EDUCATIONAL PATWAY FOR GLOBAL PUBLIC HEALTH SECURITY - (1)   (2) Hospitals Safe from Disasters: Reduce Risk, Protect Health Facilities, Save Lives
Social determinants of Health (SDH) universe. Part I    Part II   Part III  Part IV From news to everyday use - the difficult art of implementation
Working out technology of the Strategic Plan of Health Promotion and Protection for the population of the city of Stavropol 10 Best Foods (According to Mayo Clinic)

RESISTANCE AND RESILIENCE. Some basic postulates …

Risk Factors for Smoking in the EMR Region  in Arabic Medical Prophylactic in Russian
Motivation towards Teamwork Fluoridation: Turning the Tide on Dental Decay
Toward a “Sociology of Disease Outbreaks & Other Health-Threatening Events” Improving the visibility of Indian Research: An Institutional, Open Access Publishing Model
Concepts of Prevention and Control Principles of Communicable Diseases Epidemiology
PREVENTION IN MENTAL HEALTH Chronic Disease Surveillance using Administrative Data
International & Public health. Collective health & Global health diplomacy. Some considerations Physical Inactivity: The Most Important Public Health Problem of the 21st Century
Minimal important differences in quality of life measurements (in Russian) Scope of public health act in protecting the health of the community
Quite Smoking: Psychological Management. In Arabic Health Consequence of Smoking. Part I In Arabic   Part II In Arabic
History of Public Health in Russia. From 1800’s to 1917 Public Private Partnership in Health Care
Health Reform in Kazakhstan: problems and solutions SICK ROLE, DEVIANCE AND LABELING
Health Promotion -an overview-  in Chinese Training thoroughbred horses
Transforming The U.S. Health System: What Needs To Be Done & Your Role. Part I    Part II Health Disparities Among American Indian/Alaska Native Populations. Part I  Part II   Part III    Part IV   Part V
Quality of life concepts for doctors and health professionals (in Russian) GOOD HEALTH AT LOW COST (The Rockefeller Foundation)  (in Spanish)
HEALTH SITUATION IN MONGOLIA Challenges in Public Health
Studying Health Care: Some ICD-10 Tools Tribal Emergency Response Preparedness
COMMUNICATION SKILLS IN MEDICINE El combate a la pobreza en Guatemala in Spanish
Hurricane  (in Spanish)  (in Chinese)    History of American Quackery
Hurricanes. Part I  (in Spanish)  Part II  (in Spanish)  Part III  (in Spanish)  Hurricane Rita      MATERIAL MANAGEMENT
The General Agreement in Trade on Services (GATS) and the Health Care Systems Public Health Disaster Consequences of Disasters   (in Spanish)  (in Russian) (in Arabic)     (in Portuguese)    (in Japan) 
History of American Health Insurance History of American Public Health
Folk Medicine, Health Fads, and Faith Healing Plan Puebla Panama         
An Introduction to Evidence-Based Public Health  in Chinese PROTEIN ENERGY MALNUTRITION  
Evidence-based Public Health . . .and some reasons why we need it. Part I     Part II  Economics and Health - South Asian Cardiovascular Research Methodology Workshop
New World birth rates and standards of living  in Chinese Using Evidence To Improve Public Health Infrastructure.  Part I     Part II 
Teaching in the field of Public Health. Part I.     Part II (In Russian) Epidemiology in Public Health. Part I.    Part II (In Russian)
Monitoring of medical knowledges and relation to own health in Stavropol, Russia (In Russian) Evidence Based Medicine. The Hierarchy of Evidence. Part I      Part II    (In Russian)   Part I      Part II
Organization of Health Care Services for the Elderly: Russia     (In Russian)  Can Physical Activity Attenuate Aging-related Weight Loss in Older People? The Yale Health and Aging Study, 1982-1994 
Smoking. Can we stop an epidemia? Part I. (In Russian)     Part II  Russian Federation: Linking Health, Poverty and Economic Growth in Chinese
PLAIN LANGUAGE SMOKING CESSATION. Part I     Part II Evidence Based Medicine A (In Russian)     
THE LOGICAL FRAMEWORK APPROACH Customer Satisfaction and Service Marketing
Adolescent Smoking    (version In Russian) Evidence Based Medicine  B  (In Russian) 
Health Care Financing  in Chinese Gender and Health
Human Resources in Health Care Human Resource Development in Healthcare Organizations
Manuscript Preparation and the Publication Process  Project Management 
Problems of Public Health development in Russia (in Russian)  Public-Private Partnerships in Health
Food Fortification in Public Health Policy Public Health Training in Pakistan   in Chinese
Competencies Required of Public Health Professionals and Leaders   (In Russian) Ethics in Public Health     in Chinese
ESTABLISHING HEALTH INTERVENTION PRIORITIES FOR LOCAL PUBLIC HEALTH AGENCIES Disaster Epidemiologic lessons from Bam Earthquake Dec 26, 2003 Iran. Part I   Part II   Part III   Part IV   Part V   Part VI   Part VII
Ten Great Achievements of Public Health in US, 1900-1999 MMWR 1999  (In Russian) GRAND CHALLENGES AND GREAT OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE PUBLIC HEALTH SCIENCES and SCHOOLS OF PUBLIC HEALTH. Part I    Part II. 
Earthquake in Iran. Bam, December 26, 2003 Proposal writing
HEALTH POLICY DEVELOPMENT IN LITHUANIA.  Part I    Rart II   Part I (in Russian)    Part II Why is Public Health Important to Countries of Eastern Europe and Russia?  (In Russian)
Community Oriented Primary Care. An Overview Public health in Cuba 
Mineral, Vitamins & Energy Essential Food Elements  in Spanish
PRIMARY CARE IN THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM in Chinese Nutritional Assessment of a Community
Public Health Consequences of Earthquakes. Part I.    Part II.   Short History of NIH   (in Spanish)
Importance of Race, Ethnicity and Genetics in Biomedical Research and Clinical Practice Opportunities to Reduce Oral Health Disparities: Basic Sciences to Clinical Practice. Part I     Part II  Part I  Part II in Chinese
Supercourse and Disaster Management Training Research for Health Policy Development
Les inégalités sociales de santé au Québec (In French) Consumer Healthcare Education. Part I    Part II
Behaviour Concept At Medical Sciences Operations Research
Public health & Globalisation SOCIAL MARKETING. Applications in public health
The Use of “Fear Appeals” in Public Health Campaigns and in Patient/Provider Encounters Hospital San José S.A. de C.V. Los derechos generales de los pacientes. La enfermera ante los derechos generales de los pacientes in Spanish  

The History of The Pan American Health Organization

An Introduction to Health Economics revised  in Chinese (In Georgian)

Role of the Local Public Health Department  in Chinese

Studying Health and Health Care

Design and conduct of evaluations of CVD control programs (part I)  (part II)

Aging And Diabetes Mellitus: A Dental Public Health Problem Along The US-Mexico Border  

Health Promotion - an overview

Health Systems Research

How to start to write a scientific paper  in Chinese

Evaluation of Informatics Tools in Primary Care

Burnout in physicians  in Chinese

Dental Care of the Future -Part I     Part II

Income Inequality and Mortality in Canada and the United States  

Antibiotics use and medicinal drug policy - part I   part II  part I - in Chinese   part II - in Chinese

Principles of Public Health- The Mission, Core Functions and Ten Essential Services - Part I -    Part II   Part I in Chinese  Part II in Chinese

Monitoring the Health and Well-Being of a Disadvantaged Minority Group: Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples 

Health care market  in Chinese Healthcare Delivery in the year 2050
Aging And Diabetes Mellitus: A Dental Public Health Problem Along The US-Mexico Border  Public Health Genetics: An Emerging Interdisciplinary Field For The Post-Genomic Era   in Chinese
Strategies and Approaches in Aboriginal Health   Antimicrobial Resistance and Public Health  in Chinese
The Newcastle Critical Appraisal Worksheet. A format for examining journal articles  Providing Information to Regional Health Care Planners: A Manitoba Case Study  
Patterns of Health and Illness in Indigenous Australian Communities  Overview of Public Health Surveillance. Part I   in Chinese   Part II
How to be an Effective Advocate Lecturing  (in Chinese)
Quality of Health Care  in Chinese Evidence based health care (EBHC) 
VIGI+A Project Proyecto VIGI+A in Sapnish
Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information: an Integrated Response to Needs Priority Setting for Health Research in Chinese  in Chinese (2)
A Model for Understanding Disparities in Health and in Healthcare The Herbal Treatment of Diseases
Gerontology A smoking gun? Detecting causes of disease
Living and dying: Health, Illness & Disease Translating the determinants of health into a US policy framework  in Chinese
The history of Public health   in Chinese Participants in public Health  in Chinese
Participants in public Health Health, Health Determinants, and Health Promotion in Chinese
Public Health Services and Systems  in Chinese Lifestyle Factors and the Prevention Movement  in Chinese  in Spanish
Learning and Models of Behavior Change  in Chinese Healthy Communities Movement  in Chinese
Strategic Planning for Health in the Communities  in Chinese Social and Cultural Influences on Health  in Chinese
Public Health Response to Terrorism - Bioterrorism Kerala People's Campaign for Decentralized Planning
Population Policy at National and State Level (A case of India and Rajasthan)  A MODEL RESPONSE TO BIOTERRORISM: Pennsylvania Region 13-WMD Task Force
A National Agenda for Public Health Informatics  in Chinese Le Financement Des Services de Sante Dans Les Pays Du Sud
Medidas de Resumen in Spanish Understanding American Indian/Alaska Native Communication Styles
Public Health and the Prisoner. Is There a Problem?  in Chinese Fundamentals of Communications for Nurses (in Russian)
Primary Health Care Center Model (English) The Strengthening of the nurse's role in medical help (in Russian)
Primary Health Care Center Model (Russian) Epidemiology of Fear. Part I    Part II
Fixing The U.S. Health System State By State Enhancing Health Policy Through Epidemiology
Health Outcomes in Populations Living Close To Landfill Sites Death as Data: Autopsy and the Death Certificate  in Chinese
Prevention of Excessive Weight (In Russian)