Supercourse Editorial Board


                                             Central Editorial Board:


Ronald LaPorte, Ph.D., Director, WHO Collaborating Center, University of Pittsburgh Gilbert Omenn, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Internal Medicine, Human Genetics, and Public Health at the University of Michigan Ismail Serageldin, Ph.D., Director, Library of Alexandria Vint Cerf, Ph.D., Chief Internet Evangelist, Google Inc

Scientific Editorial Board:

John Last Photo

John Last, M.D., Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology & Community Medicine, University of Ottawa Henry Blackburn, M.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota Peter Greenwald, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the Division of Cancer Prevention at the National Cancer Institute Steven N. Blair, M.D., Professor, University of South Carolina

Trevor J. Orchard, M.B.B.Ch., M.Med.Sci., Professor, University of Pittsburgh Nigel Paneth, M.D.: Professor, Michigan State Universityry Neil Pierce, Ph,D., President, International Epidemiology Association  

International Editorial Board

Boris Ledoshchuk, M.D.,Ph.D., Professor, National medical Institute, Ukraine Paul Zimmet, M.D., Foundation Director of the International Diabetes Institute, Australia Chandrakant S. Pandav, M.D., Professor and Head of Centre for Community Medicine at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India

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