Mobile Global Health Supercourse


Trends in Mobile Health

"How to" iPhone, iPad, use Droid, Applications (iPhone, iPad), Facebook, Skype, Twitter

Mobile Phones and App Development - Powerpoint Lectures

Goal: To build bridges between Global Health and Mobile technology


Global to Mobile Applications of Mobile Technologies to Problems of Global Health

Golden Lecture of Global Health for Mobile Experts


Directory of apps for mobile phones by academic discipline for Mobile Phones

Mobile Supercourse - A Mobile Healthcare Prototype using


You may load this project app to your phone with some of the functionality only available on mobile handsets

Vint Cerf, Google The Future of Information and Communication Technology
Najeeb Al-Shorbaji, WHO/HQ Health Information Technology and Telecommunication Support in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Ronald E. LaPorte, University of Pittsburgh Mobile Global Health Supercourse Short version

Y. Richard Yang, Yale University

Mobile Computing and Wireless Networks

My Le et al., Carnegie Mellon University

Smart Phones & other Mobile Technology

Dag Nielsen, The ICT4Peace Foundation

Mobile Technology IDB/BID Webinar

Gordon A. Gow, University of Alberta Mobile Phones for Public Health Interventions

Alex FARES, Celtel Kenya ltd


Ung-Ping Tian, Nokia

The Mobile Web is Coming

Erik Mitchell,  Wake Forest University

Generalizing mobile applications for multiple libraries

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