Other Supercourse Lectures

American Epidemiologic Society (AES) Members' Lectures
Behavioral Science Supercourse
British Medical Journal (BMJ) Talks
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Lectures
Clinical Medicine Lectures
Food Safety Supercourse
Former Soviet Union (FSU) Supercourse

Indian Supercourse
Institute of Medicine (IOM) Members' Lectures
Islamic Supercourse
Just in Time (JIT) Lectures
 National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Members' Lectures
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Members' Lectures
Nobel Prize Laureates' Supercourse Lectures
Pakistani Supercourse
Pittsburgh Prevention Center Lectures

Scientific Writing for epidemiology
Special Lecture from the USAF
Tobacco and Health Supercourse
Telepreventive Medicine as the Grand Challenge
Environmental Health Supercourse
SEE Public Health Preparedness
Supercourse lectures on the Drug Abuse and Addiction

          Other Information

            "Fish for  Deans" Project
            Supercourse on YouTube (Invitation)
            Epidemiology Education - Middle School and High School Curricula
             Google Bookmarks for Supercourse topics
            Guide for Applying for NIH Funding

Free epidemiologic/statistic software

             OpenEpi is a Free Web-Based Epidemiologic/Statistic Calculator.
            Download Studying Populations, a CAL package for PC of over  80 exercises on basic epidemiological methods.   Corresponding Supercourse Lecture with this Package.

Supercourse Courses

Biostatistics Course 1
Disasters  Supercourse
Epidemiology Course 1
Epidemiology Course 2         
Epidemiology Course 3 
Epidemiology Course 4 
Epidemiology Course 5
Epidemiology Course 6
Global Health Lectures
Global Warming Supercourse
Healthcare Management
Health Systems Supercourse
History of Health Sciences Supercourse
History of Diabetes Epidemiology Supercourse
Metabolic Syndrome Supercourse
Nursing Supercourse

Radiation and Health Supercourse
Social Epidemiology Supercourse
South Asian Cardiovascular Workshop
Stem Cells Supercourse
Supercourse Statistics Course
Toxicologic Epidemiology Course
Travel Medicine Supercourse
Veterinary Preventive Medicine and Public Health
Veterinary Virology Course
Women's Health Supercourse

External (Satellite) Supercourse Courses

              BA Science Supercourse (Alexandria web site)
              Biblioteca Virtual en Salud (BVS) 113 lectures over included into main Supercourse
              Diabetes Supercourse for the MENA (Middle East and North Africa)      region  117 lectures  
              LatinAmerican Supercourse in Spanish  101 lectures over included into main Supercourse
              Russian Supercourse in Russian all lectures included into main Supercourse
              Global Pathology Supercourse 9 lectures over included into main Supercourse
              Supercourse China in Chinese temporary problems with web page (137 lectures over included)
              Rehabilitation Supercourse temporary problems with web page
              Health, Environment, Sustainable Development  temporary problems with web page

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