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Supercourse Mirror List

2008 - 45 Mirrors have been set up around the world!

You can download the whole Supercourse (or just one lecture or two) for free of charge.
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Geographical classification is based on the United Nations Standard Country Code.

Each mirror site is listed with its name of city, school or institute or organization, person in charge, and time of update.


  Bibliotheca Alexandria (Library of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt, Noha Adly, Ahmed M. Azara, Head of Web Administration Unit
                        ICT Department Bibliotheca Alexandrina) updated - 2008 03

  Medical Research Council (Tygerberg, South Africa, Hendra van Zyl) updated - 2004 01


  Community Epidemiology Research and Training Unit, Medical Faculty, Udayana University (Bali, Indonesia, A.A.Gde Muninjaya, Arya Sasmita) open - 2004 07 Intranet

   Multimedia University (Malaysia, Datuk Haji, Akram Abdulla, Adora Tan) open - 2005 03

  The Tokyo Univ., University Medical Information Network (Tokyo, Takahiro Kiuchi, Shunsaku Mizushima) updated - 2003 12


     Ben-Gurion Univ. Of the Negev, Faculty of Health Science (Beer-Sheve, Israel, Drora Fraser, David de Leeuw) updated - 2008 03

  http://www.es.embnet.org/Doc/Supercourse/      (Spain,  Jose R. Valverde ) updated - 2007 10

  Univ. of Aarhus, Section for Health Informatics (Denmark) (Aarhus, Denmark, Jens Doerup) updated - 2003 04

  Univ. of Bergen, Center for Epidemiologic Research (Bergen, Norway, Erik Bjelke) updated - 2003 07

  SUNNOT (Italy, Carmelo Notaro) updated - 2003 02

  Univ. College Cork, Dept. of Epidemiology & Public Health (Munster, Ireland, Marie Reilly) updated - 2000 04

   The Univ. of Liverpool, Dept. of Public Health (Liverpool, Christopher West) updated - 2009 08 (closed)

   Pig Diesease Information Center (Lolworth-Cambridge, Michael Meredith) updated - 2000 12

  Univ. College Londo, Dept. of Primary Care & Population Science (London, Will Coppola) updated - 2003 07

  Charles Univ., Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen (Prague, Vaclava Smitkova) updated - 2004 01

  Supercourse Mirror Site on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (Rome, Pierpaolo Mastroiacovo) updated - 2003 09

  National Centre for Studies in Family Medicine (Timisoara, Romania, Marius Marginean) updated - 2003 12

   CMKP, School of Public Health & Social Medicine  (Warsaw, Mariusz Rui) updated - 2005 03

     http://iier.isciii.es/supercourse/     (Spain,  Manuel Posada, Alejandro Ramos) updated - 2005 10

North America

  Univ. of Utah, School of Medicine  (Salt Lake City, George White, Larry Bonnette) updated - 2007 04  

 Purdue Univ., School of Veterinary Medicine (West Lafayette-IN, USA, Nita Glickman) updated - 2000 04

  BC Children's & Women's Health Centre (British Columbia, Hassan Soubhi) open - 1999 11


  University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia, Ann Neller, Fiona Burnell) Intranet

  The National Department of Health, Monitoring and Research Branch (Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Mark Spohr) Intranet

South America

   Verdesfera  (Guatemala, RodolfoMorales, Webmaster) updated - 2006 12

   Center for Endocrinology Experimental Aplicada (Buenos Aires, Juan Gagliardino) open - 1999 11

  Biblioteca Virtual en Salud (BVS) (Havana, Contact) updated - 2000 04

  Univ. of Puerto Rico, Medical Science Campus (San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jose G. Conde, Myrna Agostini Cardona) updated - 2005 03

  Univ. of Chile, The Institute for Nutrition & Food Technology - INTA (Santiago, Chile, Jose Luis Santos) updated - 2003 11

   Federal Univ. of Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo, Lucia Iochida, Reinaldo Gimenez) updated - 2003 07  

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