Collaboration Initiatives

09 December 2018

Her Story

The women and social transformation studies program in BA in collaboration with UN Women and the WFP office in Egypt, Canada organized an initiative entitled" Her Story” in ,9 December 2018, at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina conference Center"

   Her story is an initiative to generate and disseminate knowledge about gender equality issues, the lives of women and girls and their contributions to the Arab region. Her story revolves around the recording of human experiences from a feminist perspective, focusing on the role of women, addressing women's absence and exclusion from historical records over the centuries, reducing women's roles in history, politics, science, technology, leadership and religion. The BA workshop on "Eliminating Hunger" focuses on training young people, especially girls, on the production and dissemination of knowledge on issues related to women's issues and food, with a better understanding of how women and girls live in order to document women's contributions to society and articles on food and fighting issues. Hunger and poverty. Her story - her story aims to train more than 200 participants from different colleges or graduate students to edit articles that document women's contributions to society, and other issues related to food and the fight against hunger and poverty.