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Tawasul was established in August 2008 to be the first national independent and professional not-for-profit Think Tank in Oman, serving locally with international standards. Tawasul is driven by its vision to be the primary and preferred catalyst for an effective and efficient civil society in Oman. Tawasul pursues its mission "to empower civil society institutions through training and knowledge" aided by home-grown partnerships and support, presenting Oman as a leading country in the field of societal solidarity and partnerships between the public sector, the private sector and the civil society organizations. Tawasul draws its power from the visionary of the founders and the team of qualified professionals, experts, volunteers and sponsors, who all work together to make Tawasul's vision a reality narrating a success story. We provide policy research papers, advocacy workshops, media outreach activities, leadership and capacity building workshops to civil society organizations and leaders in Oman.

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