Tala Nabulsi

Country of Nationality: Jordan
Country of Residence: Jordan

Tala Nabulsi holds an MA in Women Studies, a BA in Political Science and is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2006.

Tala joined TakingITGlobal in 2006 as a Translation and Editor Volunteer, and in 2007 was appointed the Arabic Language and Engagement Coordinator. In 2008 she became the project manager for Youth for Change pilot phase which was implemented over the year and is currently managing phase II. During 2008, Tala was also chosen as an e-mentor in TakingITGlobal's "MakeITHappen" e-course on project management, which is now renamed as "Sprout".

Tala has 10 years of project management and training experience and has previously worked with UNIFEM and other international organizations on women, youth and culture projects in Jordan and Canada. In addition, she co-founded the National Forum for Youth and Culture, a Jordanian youth-led NGO and is now a member in a number of national and international organizations.

"As an activist for youth development and leadership in the MENA region, my vision comes in parallel with that of 'Youth for Change' to create a hub for Arab youth leaders that will provide them with the tools, resources, networking and opportunities for change. Meeting our Agents of Change and knowing more about their projects and the impact they have created in their communities, has proved that although we have achieved a lot, there is still more to be done, as we need to reach out to more leaders and members of society who have the potential to create change.

"Being a mother myself makes me always think about the future of our region, what our current position is and what is needed to create a better place for future generations and I am hoping that 'Youth for Change' will be a positive step in that direction!"

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Phase 1

Program Team | TIG | Position: Program Manager

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Program Team | TIG | Position: Program Manager

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Program Team | TIG | Position: Program Manager

Phase 4

Program Team | TIG | Position: Program Manager

Phase 5

Program Team | TIG | Position: Program Manager

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