Mouktar Omar

Country of Nationality: Djibouti
Country of Residence: Djibouti

Mouktar has a great experience in the fields of law, administration and accounting. He has built up his professional capabilities in the IT field and has multiple certificates from many reputable bodies in Djibouti in Computer Sciences and Management Information System (MIS). In addition, Mouktar was a trainee at Djibouti Telecom, a primary telecommunications company in Djibouti that provides landlines, mobiles and internet services. He has contributed to many Civil Society activities in Djibouti and participated in the International Forum on Citizenship & Identity (The African Horn). He has also participated in initiatives that targeted youth in Djibouti and that aimed to make a change. Lately, Mouktar participated in the training of peer educators in Casablanca and became the focal point in Djibouti.

Involved in

Phase 3

Country Coordinators | Country: Djibouti

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