El Sayed Adnan

Country of Nationality: Bahrain
Country of Residence: Bahrain

El Sayed Adnan Jalal holds a Bachelor Degree in Management Information Systems, Delmon University, Kingdom of Bahrain. He works as a Computer Lab Technician at the Ministry of Education. Currently, Adnan is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hewar Society, as well as a member of a number of organizations in Bahrain such as Boy Scout Association of Bahrain (BSAB), Bahraini Photographic Society, Almalkiya Sporting Club, Bahraini Journalists Association, Public Relations Society and The National Cultural Forum. Adnan has been involved in voluntary and developmental activities since 2004 and has participated in various Youth Leadership and Development and Human Rights events and workshops locally, regionally and internationally such as the World Youth Congress in Canada, and Fikr Conference in Lebanon, the International Festival for Youth Friendship in Russia and different conferences for the Bahrain Youth Forum Society. Adnan's hobbies are photography and volunteering

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