Ahmed Haroon

Country of Nationality: Egypt
Country of Residence: Egypt

Restoring the Green Colour

Ahmed is a social activist who is currently working in the field of marketing. He has been involved in numerous social and voluntary work, of which he has organized some of them. He also participated in many projects, symposiums, and conferences with non-governmental organisations, student clubs, and governmental entities. Ahmed is currently seeking to widen his social activities to help more people.

"Restoring the Green Colour" (RGC) is a social movement that aims at developing and improving society by saving the environment, spreading education, increasing public facilities, and conserving energy. The project's main activity is to carry out awareness programmes to increase people's knowledge about those issues and how to take postive action towards these issues through advertisements, planting activities, educational programmes and more.

RGC was able to increase its circle of influence through its specially-designed website. RGC worked with many entities to distribute more than 5,000 brochures in two universities and more than 1,200 others in 4 cultural centers and many cafes. It also distributed more than 6,000 bookmarks among university students, and helped in empowering a recycling activity of some associations. After the success of the first phase of the project, RGC is now determined to establish the project on a wider basis with more entities.

Involved in

Phase 1

Agents of Change/Winners | Country: Egypt | Project: Restoring the colour green

Phase 2

Agents of Change/Winners | Country: Egypt | Project: Restoring the Green Colour

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