Samer Abu Eisha

Country of Nationality: Palestine
Country of Residence: Palestine

Wall Painting for Jerusalem

Samer holds a BA degree in Mass Media and Communication and currently lives in Jerusalem. He has participated in a large number of youth exchange programs and volunteer work, training courses and different social activities that made him believe that he could be a very effective element in his country. Last year, Samer won a mini-grant with Youth for Change with his project "Wall Painting for Jerusalem".

His project consisted of a 3 meters by 3 meters wall drawing with the participation of a group of Palestinian artists from various age groups where they were able to express their different ideas, the main concerns of the Palestinians living in Jerusalem and how they view the Old City of Jerusalem and the people living in it.

Another part of the project was another wall drawing of a similar size, and was placed in the courtyard of the Damascus Gate which is considered a very special main entrance of the old town's center. They also brought special equipment, paint colors and other supplies so that people can participate in and express their views through the drawing. This event was very unusual for Jerusalemites, and was able to break the normal routine of being occupied, not only just by drawing on the wall but also the participation of the Task Force for Folk Arts "Nahavand" where people made their Dabka dance playing different instruments.

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Agents of Change/Winners | Country: Palestine | Project: Artwork for the city of Jerusalem

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