Nabil Chemli

Country of Nationality: Tunisia
Country of Residence: Tunisia

Peer Education for Youth Leadership and HIV/AIDS Prevention

Nabil is a youth activist on the HIV/AIDS prevention, who graduated from pharmacy in Tunisia in 2006. He started as a volunteer with the Tunisian Association against STIs/AIDS – Sousse Section, and then became a youth coordinator. After getting some experience he joined a national network, Y-PEER Tunisia. Once he successfully attended the Y-PEER training of trainer (TOT) of peer educator in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he became a Focal Point and meaningfully helped the development of the network, co-organized and co-facilitated the first TOT in Tunisia. Nabil's genuine interest in the international development of the HIV/AIDS prevention allowed him to get a nine-month internship in London with the MTV Staying Alive campaign. His involvement in international events and workshops such as the Global Forum on ICT in Geneva and the "YLVP, Young Leaders Visitor Program" in Sweden allowed him to scale up his interpersonal and leadership skills. Currently, Nabil is working with UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund in Tunisia as a youth program assistant.

Nabil's project "Peer Education for Youth Leadership and HIV/AIDS Prevention" is part of Y-Peer Tunisia which is a network that promotes youth and adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights, by using peers as a main communication for behavior change tools. His project aimed at strengthening young people to prevent themselves and their peers from HIV/AIDS.

The project's key achievements was conducting three peer education trainings where 49 young scouts were trained in Bizerte, 18 young members of the Tunisian association Against STIs/AIDS – Sousse Section, and 11 peer educators from the SCORA team (IFMSA Tunis) were trained in the sex workers peer education.

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