Amal Al-Yaheeri

Country of Nationality: Yemen
Country of Residence: Yemen

Combating AIDS in the rural community

Amal is a graduate of Faculty of Arts & Linguistics in Thamar University from Yemen. She has been involved in the Yemeni development field since 2001, as a trainer, researcher and consultant and is currently a community service program manager at SGH.

Amal has also participated in several workshops, seminars and conferences on a local and regional level. Her project "Combating AIDS in the rural community" aims at building the capacity of a group of youth to work on the issues of HIV/Aids as well as increasing awareness about HIV/Aids in the rural communities. Through her project she was able to train 24 young volunteers to raise awareness about how to prevent HIV/Aid as well as organize several awareness raising workshops targeting youth and older groups in the rural community.

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Agents of Change/Winners | Country: Yemen | Project: Combating Aids in the rural community

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