Abu Gharib

In 1936, Haj Ziyada began a kebda (liver) business on a cart with his brothers Tewfik, Younis and Gharib, and their father. They set up their cart near their current shop on rue Bourse. Their business grew and they eventually moved into the current shop, called Abu Gharib. The shop has never changed hands and is still owned by Haj Ziyada.

Abu Gharib started out selling liver sandwiches for a piaster. Their specialty was – and remains – kebda Iskandarani. The liver is sliced thinly, and fried with cumin, thyme, chili and green pepper, and is usually served with lemon. The difference between Alexandrian liver and the way it is done in Cairo is that in Cairo they don’t add green pepper, or cut the liver into small pieces. They also use sauce in Cairo.

Everyone goes to Abu Gharib, which is considered a must-visit in Alexandria. Egyptians and foreigners alike enjoy the very special liver, and some famous clients have been Laila Elwy, Mohamed Abul Wafa, Nur el Sherif and Poussy, Said Saleh, Younis Shalaby and Emad Eddine Adib.

Althoughh kebda remains the specialty of the place, Abu Gharib now offers a more varied menu including grilled meat and chicken.