Brazilian Coffee Stores

The second is the Brazilian Coffee Stores, established in 1928 by Sedaris, who was also the owner of the Alexandrian department store Salon Vert. There is one on rue Cherif (Salah Salem) deep in the banking heart of Alexandria: here the bankers and businessmen would meet for their morning or midday coffee. There is another store on rue Saad Zaghloul. Although the two stores have changed hands and are owned by the late Nadia Mohamed Sobhy and her husband Youssef el Messiri, the interiors have not changed, and the original granite bar, coffee grinders and machines and display cabinets date back to the 1920s. The coffee beans still come from Brazil, and sometimes from Cuba as well, and the two stores are still lively and full of coffee drinkers. Among the regulars at the Rue Cherif branch were the last cosmopolitans, who met there for coffee every day at 1 pm, among them Cyril Sursock, Robert Gasche, Jean Chamas and Mohamed Awad.