Delta Restaurant

In the Delta Restaurant on the tram station of Mazarita, only a few steps away from the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and from the city center, refined dining could still be found. The restaurant was established by Antoine Saman in 1980, and is specialized in French cuisine and pastry. There are usually special pastries for different occasions such as Christmas and Epiphany; Galette des Rois, and for Easter the famous brioche. The classical décor complements the excellent cuisine and the French specialties which wowed the Alexandrians when the Delta first opened, such as Cuisses de Grenouilles (locally produced frog legs) and the Escargots (snails imported from France or Italy) complete with the pince, the special prongs, with which to eat them. Another item which took Alexandria by storm when it opened was the Omelet Norvegienne, an ice cream flambé topped with meringue. Delta is also famous for its flambé steak and crêpe Suzette. The Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz was a regular at the restaurant, where he always sat at the same table and had the same food: Salade Niçoise and Piccata aux Champignons.

In keeping with the etiquette it tries to observe, Delta has two menus: one with prices on it for the men, and one without for the ladies.