Tikka Grill

Further west the Tikka Grill was established by the Americana Group in 1976. The superb location on the Eastern Harbor and the spectacular view add to the delight of eating the grills and barbecued food for which they are famous. Tikka is the name of the seasoning used for their grills, which is of Pakistani origin, and they are also famous for their Indian Puri bread. But they also serve French and Oriental cuisine which are appreciated by the tourists who frequent the place.

When the Tikka first opened in the seventies, people used to go dressed formally, but as the years went by, the casual style prevailed. And to suit the taste of the new generation, it changed its classical décor eight years ago to a more modern style.

As a result of the success of Tikka Grill and mainly due to the mad cow disease and the fear of people to eat meat, Fish Market opened in 1990 above the Tikka Grill overlooking the sea. It is famous for its seafood soup, seafood rice, Lebanese mezzeh and freshly baked oriental bread.