Yet another Greek baker, on Rue Fouad near the Sursock Palace, is Liacopoulo, which was known for its toast, Kaiser, koulouria, and stangle. It is still a bakery, but with less of a reputation. Gone are the days when it also made krapfen, essentially a doughnut filled with apricot jam and sprinkled with castor sugar and some cinnamon. Krapfen is the snack totem engraved in the minds of the English Girls College girls as “the bun” served during breaktime, and bartered for a “bun ticket”. Today the only place to get them is Mocambo who also learned the trade from his Greek employer. Unfortunately one cannot buy them off the counter as they have to be ordered, since there is little demand for them among today’s customers. Mocambo has survived in the same little shop of the original owner, and is specially famous for the small choux with crème chantilly or custard cream filling with glazed caramel topping. Many households order them for their profiteroles, or gateaux Saint Honoré, once also a Flückiger and Pastroudis specialty.