Santa Lucia

Perhaps the greatest survivor in the city center, that has weathered change successfully, is Santa Lucia. Essentially a very famous and well frequented restaurant for much of its history, with a night club adjoined to the dining area, where the rich and famous went to dine and entertain amidst notable clients from the upper classes and visiting actors and singers from Europe. Having experienced a dip in popularity following a series of mismanagement hazards, a tour de force by its young owner managed to restore its previous luster. A chemical engineer by formation, and a businessman by training and as true an Alexandrian as you will hear speak with fondness and understanding of the city and its needs, the young Yanni found the right formula for success: "To capitalize on the memories of the nostalgic clients, and to recreate under the umbrella of its tradition and its name, a place to which also the young will wish to share in the spoils of the past". A restaurant restored and updated was the result of several years of work and clever planning; help from an indispensible friend and advisor Rudy, a menu put together to serve a variety of tastes, a slight touch of fusion and voilà, the Santa Lucia was raring to go. Demis Roussos visiting recently strongly commended the owner on the face lift he had given the place. Today, it has also found long lost favor with government officials and members of the cabinet, most of whom at present happen to be ex-Alexandrians. They would come all the way from Cairo for a meal, to fill up their senses on some of the city's je ne sais quoi with which a true Alexandrian is so familiar. Santa Lucia’s owner has just closed a deal for the inauguration of its Cairo branch in Giza. Young and debonnaire, but especially very astute and with an acute sense of business acumen, Yanni will go all the way to the capital on the steam of a heritage shared by a certain strata from both cities. These are Cairenes who spend the summer on Alexandrian beaches, who have appreciated a way of life often all too lacking in their until recently less cosmopolitan city. Today, things are different and Cairo is admittedly, and by all standards rather more cosmopolitan in the modern, global sense of the term, but it is the same umbrella of nostalgia that will give shelter to the business. He prides himself on never having once needed to advertise either the Santa Lucia or the Greek Club restaurant that he owns, and that word of mouth in a city like Alexandria was all he needed to siren their rebirth. In Cairo, however, a different story will be told: with fierce competition, and a much larger public to tend to in a city bigger by far, commercial advertisement will be called for. The biggest slogan, however, just the brand: the name Santa Lucia; of Alexandria, one would imagine it could also be added.