Ba’ash and Hosni

In Bahari, Ba’ash and Hosni have also acquired fame as grills offering mashawi, or grilled chicken, pigeons, kofta and kebab, which are staple Egyptian fare, though pigeon is a delicacy and whether stuffed with rice or grilled, it is always a treat. Ba’ash was founded in 1950 by the current owner’s grandfather in the heart of Bahari, and was visited by no less than King Juan Carlos I of Spain. Magdy Ba’ash says that if Cairo has three pyramids, so does Alexandria: Qadura, Ba’ash and Saber! Hosni was opened around forty years ago by Haj Hosni, a butcher. His shop has expanded and now there are five branches: the original one in Bahari, one to the east in Mandara, one to the far west in Mersa Matrouh, one in Cairo, and one outside Egypt all together, in Kuwait! Hosni raises its own herds on its own pasture land, and also offers fish in addition to the famed mashawi, though not in the Bahari branch where there is stiff competition from other fish places.