Alexandria no longer reflects the cosmopolitan city it once was, nor does its cuisine. Although there remains a cosmopolitan spirit, various political and economic factors have caused the city to look within instead of embracing the diversity the Mediterranean region represents, meaning Alexandria’s once rich gastronomy has become hidden. Many of the foreign communities that once defined cosmopolitanism have emigrated, leaving very little in which to gauge the achievements of multiculturalism. The city once boasted a rich array of gastronomical influences, incorporating elements from, among others, French, Italian, Lebanese and Greek cuisine in addition to its own unique Alexandrian flavor. Using food as the vehicle for introducing the diverse and vibrant cultures of the Mediterranean, this site will encourage Alexandrians and Mediterranean communities to initiate dialogue between each other based around a theme of cuisine whilst being able to see and read about the history of each other’s food as well as being given the opportunity to directly contribute to the project.

Promote and highlight the diverse gastronomy in Alexandria due to its cosmopolitan make up and history and to encourage the exchange of experiences, traditional recipes, stories and dishes.

Encourage the exchange of a common language; food.

Highlight and narrate stories of certain individuals and their relationship with their country’s cuisine, origin of recipes, etiquette and techniques.

Briefly narrate the history of some of Alexandria’s eateries.

Highlight the benefits of coexistence and encourage inter cultural dialogue and exchange.