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Arabic Library Standards in the First Arab Conference for Creative Librarians

03 May 2017

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina hosts the First Arab Conference for Creative Librarians, organized by the Library and Information Science Department, Alexandria University. The Conference will be held at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Conference Center, Lecture Hall, Alexandria, Egypt, 3–4 May 2017. The Conference aims at supporting the Arab librarianship community, providing it with the latest views and recommendations for developing the Arab libraries, and planning a brighter future in an innovative manner, through discussing researches and reports in that scope.

The Conference features a number of eminent keynote speakers. It is highly attended by library and information science professionals and academics, in addition to prominent participants from the Arab countries who present their experiences, papers, researches and initiatives in the various conference-related scopes.

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, represented in the Arabic Library Standards, attends the Conference, exhibiting the first full translation of MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data in Arabic.

MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data in Arabic includes the latest updates—update 19 with huge selections from updates 20 and 21, adopting the original arrangement and typography of the English MARC 21. The translation is adapted to meet Arab cataloging rules, provided with examples emphasizing Arab practices. It also covers new cataloging standards, such as Resource Description and Access (RDA).

It is worth mentioning that MARC 21 Formats are standards by which bibliographic information is documented in a machine-readable form. It is considered one of the most efficient systems in data creation and sharing. Hence, the Arabic translation benefits Arab catalogers, providing them with an international standard in their mother tongue.


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