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Dear BA Friends
 I Do  Support  This proposal and I would like  to thanks Carmela , Lorenzo and
David for coming with such  a good  idea .
i suggest that we should let the BA work on this proposal with the involvement of  the Egyptian Ministry of Culture to establish An global advisory board .
I support the idea of An annual award (first, second and third place) to be established and to be awarded to  Egyptian high school students for best composed poem.
 I think That  if Winners would be introduced at the annual BA friends meeting then they should  be a warded by the international friends as a sponsor and  we can  call it the international friends award .
Also at this point the Friends groups would assist in the poetry collection representing diff. nationalities, cultures and languages under the supervision of the BA  ,I'm sure that the Nobel section at  the BA Would  be the Best place for such a event as a main office .
Also I suggest another idea if we can work the same thing  with the Egyptian youth at The planetarium science  Center  and all of us knows about its workshops and activities for young people .
new york Friends would like to wishes you a nice trip to Alexandria and looking forward to see you all very soon .
The best Regards
mohamed soliman
founder of civilizations bridge