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7 weeks Ago I visted Alexandrina I Had Some Meeting With Some Members Of The BA Staff ...Dr: Sohair Wastawy Was So Kind I Think That God May Bless Her family , She' s Very basy With Files All Over The desk And All Of Her Staff Knocking On The Door Asking For Advices . My News Is   I Had A Very Understanding Meeting With  H E Ambassador Hagar Islambouly And I Have A Very Strong Feeling That All Of You Would Like To Meet With An Egyptian Expert With The International Affairs And I'm Sure About Her Support To All The International Friends In This October Meeting And We Should Look Foreward To Have A Discussion With H E .

Mohamed Soliman

New York Friends Of BA

Saturday July 26, 2008 @ 08:52 PM


My nane is Merna Ali El Sheikha

I  have  twelve  years  old

I am  Egyptain  girls

And  my  hoppes  are  to  play  tennis  ,volley  ball  and  basket  ball.

And  my  favourite  langues  are  English and  French.

And  my  school  is  name  is  El Nasr Girls Collage

But  I  want  to  make  a  card  in  the  library  in  the  yourth  but  i  cannot  can  you  send  to  me  how  to  make  the  card.

And  my  e-mails  are  [anniversaire_meco@hotmail.com]    [solitaire.magicnecklace@live.com]   [helidor@live.com][marmar97@live.com][chocker@live.com]And  thank  you.