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Ø It is with deep sorrow and sadness that we announce the passing away of our dear friend Jan Signeuil.
Jan died Sunday, January 3 in a hospital in Stockholm after being in coma since December 25.
His death was probably a combination of several strokes and a rare allergic reaction to his blood pressure medicine. Jan was a very frequent visitor to the library, always bringing Swedish guests to the BA.
We shall miss his presence and  many phone calls asking us to open up the Nobel Section which he liked to show off with great pride. We shall always remember him as a great lover and long time supporter of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, but above all we shall remember him as a dear life loving friend. To our dear Kerstin, his family and friends we offer our deepest sympathies and condolences, and to Jan we offer a  prayer that his soul may forever rest in peace


Mona El Nashar

Deputy Director

Public Relations &

International Contacts Dept.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina




Ø We shall miss Jan Signeuil a lot.  He had a large friendly personality and was a delightful colleague.  I knew him and his wife Kerstin well owing to our shared interest in poetry.

Those of you who participated in our annual Friends’ Poetry Readings at the BA will remember their wonderful joint presentations of Swedish poetry: bilingual, clever, beautifully rehearsed  little dramas.

Therefore I nominated them to succeed me to coordinate those Readings, and they were pleased to receive the “torch” (a cigarette lighter !) passed on from Rosalie and me. We Friends were fortunate to have them preside for two years.


I am reminded once again of how varied are the talents we Friends share with each other through the IFBA and I am grateful to have

benefitted from Jan and Kerstin.    




Carmela Marie Ruby, 

California Friend




Ø Jan’s spirited presence was with us last October in Alexandria.  I recall my last meeting with him and Kerstin, and that was on the celebratory first tram ride listening to Cavafy poetry during the Alexandria Festival in which he participated and loaned me briefly the multilingual edition of Cavafy from which he read.  He and Kerstin boarded the train several stops from Ramleh Station.  One of his last statements to me was to convey to Carmela that he missed her at the meeting, and then said they were going to Sweden for the Holidays, and would see us all next October.


Rosalie Cuneo Amer,

California Friend