About the Friends of the BA

The Friends of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina are a group of people from all over the world who share their humanity, love of libraries and learning, and a common vision of a superior and greater 21 century Moseion . The BA Friends support the library in its programs and services to become the cultural, educational, and artistic epicenter it aims to be.

Our friends raise more than money, they raise awareness of the library's value, raise their voices for peace, dialogue, and positive change, raise everyone's hope for a better tomorrow, and raise their hats for our success.

Proposed Targets

At least one substantial annual contribution from funds raised throughout the year for the Endowment Fund or a special need or request by the Library of Alexandria. This could be through a joint-Friends contribution in collaboration with all or several of the Friends Associations.

  • Encourage donations of books, manuscripts and other materials of the nation and region to the Library through efforts of Friends' members (suggested subjects, titles, etc., available at the BA) from national, regional and local sources.
  • Provision of scholarships for the Librarians and other library staff for advanced study, special courses and international meetings.
  • Solicit support, in-kind, financial, or other, from institutions, libraries, museums or other appropriate organizations through Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), cooperative agreements and/or protocols with the involvement of the Egyptian Embassy, Consulate or Cultural Center in the country.
  • Purchase or subscription to programs applicable to the library systems.
  • Contribution of software programs when possible, and in accordance with the needs of the Library.
  • Consider developing a “traveling” booth/poster exhibit for Friends' use at BA and book conferences, lectures and other programs (suitable for shipping around the world as needed or one per country).
  • Offer certain expertise available through the Friends' membership, which could be called upon by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in a volunteer capacity.

Friends Annual Meeting

Every year the International Friends of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina meet in Alexandria. These annual meetings provided a good exchange of views on past and possible future actions in support of the Library and its affiliated research centers and museums. There is a desire on their part to strengthen their ties and activities, particularly now that the Library is open to visitors.

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina External Relations Office and the International Relations Committee of the Egyptian Friends act as general coordinators for all the International Friends, including the organization of the annual meeting of the International Friends at the BA or elsewhere.

Numerous International Meetings of the International "Friends" of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina have been held, the first in Athens, Greece in May 1996; the second in London, UK in September 1997; the third in Athens, Greece in September 1998; the fourth in Alexandria, Egypt in April 2002, and the fifth again in Alexandria in October 2002, to coincide with the Official Inauguration of the Library.