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MD 1963, PhD 1964, Professor of Virology, Karolinska institute, 1972-1997, Dean of the Medical Faculty 1990-1996, Secretary General of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 1997-2003. Adjunct member, Member of the Nobel committee of the Karolinska institute, 1975-1993. Chairman of the Division of Virology of the International Union of Microbiological Societies, 1984-1987. Lord Chamberlain in Waiting at the Royal Swedish Court.
More than 100 Years of Nobel Prizes.
More htan 100 years of Nobel Prizes. By Erling Norrby The Nobel Prizes is a unique institution. Over the years it has acquired the status of being an exceptional measure of scientific quality. In this lecture Alfred Nobel and his will instituting the world-renowned Prizes will be presented. It will also describe the process by which new Laureates are selected. Ther distribution over time to scientists of different nationalities will also be presented. Finally some reflections will be given on the conditions of creativity favouring discoveries awarded with Prizes.