François Werner Sauer print  
Francois Werner Sauer
University of Mexico, (UNAM) M.D. with honors General Medicine & Surgery
Harvard Business School program @ “IPADE” Mexico M.B.A.
Spanish-American University (UIA), Mexico Master in System Analysis with honors
2004-Present CEO Trans Am Group
2001-2004 CEO BCEC & after merge VP of Business Development for KCCatalyst
2000-2001 VP of Business Development for Latin America marchFirst, Chicago, IL
1999-2000 Consultant, KCADC & KC Life Sciences Institute Inc., Kansas City MO
1997-1999 CEO Cerner International, Kansas City
1996-1997 Director of Strategic Growth, TransQuest (JV Delta Airlines and AT&T) Atlanta, GA
1994-1996 Managing Partner, Enterprise Development Group, GIS former NCR part of AT&T
1988-1994 Consultant/Practice Leader, DEC Maynard, MA & Geneva Switzerland
1985-1988 VP and Senior Consultant, Federal Group, Inc. Acton, MA
1975-1985 VP National Bank of Mexico
1970-1975 Advisor to the Medical Director of IMSS, Mexico
Faculty member of the “William Glasser Institute”
Former board member of American Red Cross of Kansas City
Member of System Dynamics Society (MIT Cambridge, MA)
Founding member of Global HealthNet /Supercourse Pittsburgh, PA
Founding member of National Athenaeum of Arts, Letters, Sciences and Technology Mexico
Published more than 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals including: British Medical Journal, Lancet, Military Medicine & Nature Medicine
Supercourse and Social Responsibility for Behavioral Changes in Health
The Supercourse is on a journey to help translate worldwide knowledge in preventive medicine, biotechnologies and sciences into behavioral changes that improve individual and community Health. This Social Responsibility of translating knowledge for Health requires a partnership between Academy, Industry, NGOs and Governments to wrap the knowledge cycle of: • Creation and acquisition, • Classification and just in time (JIT) distribution and • Translation into behavioral changes and validation of their effectiveness. This partnership is required because: • Knowledge as money has no intrinsic value. A currency has a “purchasing power” for goods and services only in its specific country and knowledge “can transform” individual minds and behaviors only in an open context for its assimilation. Our Social Responsibility for health is to package the worldwide “multi-disciplinary” scientific knowledge in a “translation ready” format. The leverage point is the teacher who helps students assimilate, validate and improve knowledge for its effective translation into positive behavioral changes for health. • Knowledge as money is not consumed. It remains in circulation. Our Social Responsibility is to help leverage the Human and Technological networks that facilitate worldwide the quick circulation of the available knowledge for its local translation. • The relative value of each nugget of knowledge to improve health dramatically shrinks over time because, as with the inflation process for money, new knowledge is continuously created. As Ray Kurzweil says: “An analysis of the history of technology [and medicine] shows that technological change is exponential, contrary to the common-sense “intuitive lineal” view.” Our Social Responsibility is to create awareness about this exponential growth of knowledge and to help adapt the translation process considering the unique capabilities and needs of each local community.